greetings and new problem - browser sizes

  User-CB94CED6-F3AA-42E7-8A286564F5DCBC14 08:17 22 Dec 2006

Seasons greetings to all those who have helped me in the last year.

I have a web site that when I display it on one of those large square flat displays it stretches the graphic banner (and the rest of the page I suspect but not so noticeable) upwards distorting the circles in the graphic. I think the screen size responsible is 1024 x 1278(?) but the physical profile of the device appears square and displays a square picture. Other screen sizes are OK.

My page is fixed at about 820px wide (I stretched it a bit to make it more readable on the basis that 600x800 is less popular now) but not in the verticle plane.

Any ideas?

  imacd 13:16 22 Dec 2006

Is the banner height set as a percentage? If so set it as pixels and that should sort your problem - otherwise post a link to the page and we can take a look.

The actual jpg graphic is 820x230. It is set a default styled div (no height specified) as follows:

<div><img src="../img/wmsBannerV34wide.gif" alt="" width="820" height="230" class="imageHdr"/></div>

I do not know why Dreamweaver keeps putting width & height in when I add images as the css states the size.

The page concerned:
fttp://click here.
The site is not publicised (under dev.) yet but if there are any other comments welcome.

  PurplePenny 22:33 22 Dec 2006

Putting the height and width in the HTML allows the browser to assign the space for the image as it builds the page. This helps the page load more quickly because otherwise other elements on the page (e.g. blocks of text) may have to be adjusted as the images appear.

  PurplePenny 22:40 22 Dec 2006

I think that the reason for the distortion is that the screen resolution is in a different ratio.

  PurplePenny 22:48 22 Dec 2006

Love the "skip to main content" - a big accessibility thumbs up. Also for the correct use of headings.

You have the same alt text for all the school buildings. They are all the Technology Lab!

In fact since each image has a text caption in close proximity you don't need to add any text to the alt attribute: make it a null value (alt=""). The reason is that a screen reader user will hear both the caption and the alt text so if they say the same thing it is a tad annoying. ("sports hall... image, sports hall)

Yes, I will have to change those alts, thanks. I take it from your answer you did not actually see the effect.

Actually, I think its possible to get any browser to simulate the various screen sizes. Anyone know how?

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