Greetings '99

  nick_j007 22:39 14 Mar 2003

Evenin' all.

Have installed the above on my XP home edition tonight and it seems to be fully installed without even going under compatibility.
Problem is, when I want to open a section such as paper project it goes there but brings up a blank page and just says "sorry you can't continue, something is missing", then asks me to close the prog. and install the missing elements. It gives no further tips or hints. I go through the install again extra carefully and yes, with Norton AV off, but still to no avail.
Please, any installation ideas?
I have also tried it under each of the different possibilities for compatibility mode but no joy also.
In mild desperation, Nick

  Sunny-275842 22:44 14 Mar 2003

as it says search the cd for the missing file, this happends on VB (visiual basic 6) as the data grid control isnt in the list you have to find it on the cd to install the reg files try that search the net and it should tell you about missing files and how to install them

  nick_j007 22:48 14 Mar 2003

Thanks for that, but can you give me an extra clue. Waht am I asking the 'net to find? How should I phrase it?
Sorry if I'm sounding a bit dumb here :-)

  Qmar 23:09 14 Mar 2003

click here

(have a read there..)

  nick_j007 23:28 14 Mar 2003

Thankyou guys. I have it click here;en-us;320012
But after running it in all of the possible compat. modes it still won't open properly :-(
A real bummer as I got it from ebay knowing that I would have to run it in compat. mode.
Any further ideas? It does say at the end:
If the compatibility settings do not resolve the issue, please consider upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Greetings, or Microsoft Picture It! Publishing, or Microsoft Picture It! Photo.
How might I go about this do you think?

Started off by saving a penny, now I'm in for a pound!!


  nick_j007 23:30 14 Mar 2003

click here;en-us;320012

This is the link I meant. That one went a bit wrong.

  nick_j007 23:32 14 Mar 2003

Ignore links as they are not pasting properly for some reason.

  nick_j007 23:58 14 Mar 2003

Found completely by chance a link somebody had thoughtfully put up for XP users in an old news group!
I have solved it now by compacting some art clips in the programme. No need to run it under compatibility mode after all too!

Good night.

Thankyou for your help. Brilliant.

  Qmar 20:03 16 Mar 2003

I think you ought to inform that microsoft site that thier solution can be bettered![ by PCA !]


[\->/ •-> . ]

P.S.-I think makeashorter link site is problematic recently..there are alternate makeashorter link type sites.

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