Greeting card software

  nick_j007 19:16 06 Mar 2003

Hello, does anyone know of some decent software (either that one can buy, or freeware) for setting up the printing of a greeting card?
I have an HP 2110 that prints nicely, and some proper textured cards and envelopes with a fold in them, but my printer will not even after much tweeking of settings print on just the one half of the card ;-(
Any thoughts on any of this peeps?

Regards, Nick Jones.

  Gerrycan 19:24 06 Mar 2003

I have always found that Carlton Cards"CreataCard gold" is the easiest one i have ever used,i have at least 8 card making programmes,but still find creata card hard to beat.

  nick_j007 19:33 06 Mar 2003

That Carlton cards one was at the back of my mind somewhere! Thankyou Gerrycan. Can you recommend any freeware/trial prog's that I can download in a jiffy to do some in the mean time?

Cheers, Nick

  Rtus 19:45 06 Mar 2003

print artist4 also fits the bill..Ive got several CD's if you want one use yell envolope

  BrianW 19:53 06 Mar 2003

See if you can get a copy of Microsoft Greetings. Mine is Greeting 99, don't know if there is a later version but you should be able to get through e-bay or one of the suppliers of cheap software. Excellent pre-made card but even better for making your own.

  BrianW 19:55 06 Mar 2003

click here found this just now, may be of use.

  canard 20:09 06 Mar 2003

Zonerdraw 3 {free] click here may well be worth fiddling with. It depends on your printer being obliging with its margins.
It will put 2 pics on page and has facilities for text with any of your fonts.Pics are easy to find via Google Images.

  Peter 20:35 06 Mar 2003


I also use CreataCard Gold 5 and can recommend it. Version 7 is available in the USA, but I think 5 is the latest you can get here in the UK.

CreataCard 2 is being given away free on the cover CD of Computer Shopper this month, if I remember correctly. I've used that version too and it was very good, but cards from version 2 will not load into version 5. As it's free (well for the cost of the magazine) it's probably worth a try.

I'm supprised DieSse hasn't put in an appearance on this thread as he too is a CreataCard user.


  3tg 21:01 06 Mar 2003

Print Artist is an excellent uncomplicated program, I started with this one and progressed to others, however if I need a card in a hurry I use PA. Cheers

  nick_j007 21:36 06 Mar 2003

Thankyou 3tg, Peter, canard, BrianW, Rtus and Gerrycan. Loads there to be getting on with :-)

Anyone's birthday soon? I'm going to have cards coming out of my ears!


  Rtus 22:02 06 Mar 2003

posters banners calenders stationary etc etc..& lots more.

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