LABMAN 14:58 10 Jan 2007

Hi folks,

when I play video clips or even DVD's with windows media player 10 I'm ocasionly getting hit by a bug thats turns the screen green.

When this happen I still get sound but I lose control of the mouse and the entire system slows to a crawl, I've run all my anti-spyware stuff and my anti-virus both in safe and normal mode but nothing shows up, can anyone help with this....

One other thing that may or not be related as it happened about the same time, when I press control,alt,delete to bring up the Windows Task Manager it opens up showing the whose logged on screen but there are no tabs or anything else to navigate to the process screen to see whats running.....

Many thanks for any and all help recieved, I'm at work just now so will be after 6pm before I get home.

  LABMAN 18:37 10 Jan 2007


  @[email protected]!c 18:54 10 Jan 2007

sounds as if its a codec problem ... try downloading a free up to date codec pack and see if that sorts it..kind regards akanic

  skidzy 18:59 10 Jan 2007

If you have a graphics card installed,check this is firmly seated...also check all leads are connected properly.

Codec pack click here

WMP 11 click here

  LABMAN 20:12 10 Jan 2007

Hi @[email protected]!c & skidzy,

I don't think it's a codec or a graphics card problem as the video clip or dvd will be playing when fine when the screen starts to fill up in green diagonally across the screen and then the mouse and entire system becomes extremely slugish, it definately looks more like some kind of nasty running in the PC.

However I will check the graphics card is secure and check for any codecs but I'm pretty certain eveything is up to date in that department, I had the same problem skidzy with MP11 but I uninstalled it as I don't lke it, thanks for the input tho folks

  skidzy 20:23 10 Jan 2007

When this happens,can you go to task manager ctrl+alt+delete and look for the cpu usage and anything that might be using the expecting this to spike once the problem arises.

If this does happen,post back the process using the memory.

  LABMAN 20:28 10 Jan 2007

Hi Skidzy,

I'm afraid I can't as when I bring up the task manager I've no tabs in fact I've nothing other than the box showing the whose logged on screen and no way of changing it, I can't even shut this down not even right clicking in the task bar to select close works..................

  skidzy 20:38 10 Jan 2007

If the graphics card is seated correctly,i would guess one of two things.Update the drivers from the manufactors site and if still no joy,maybe check that the psu is clear of dust and any residue....check all fans.Possibly the psu failing !

Could be time for a spring clean inside the tower.

  skidzy 20:39 10 Jan 2007

Meant to write,possibly overheating ...again check all fans.

  LABMAN 20:53 10 Jan 2007

Hi Skidzy,

Graphics card is seated fine as are both connections for the monitor, card end and monitor, I've downloaded and updated the codecs, problem is this fault can be slightly intermittent so I can't guarantee it will go tonight.......

The inside of the tower is fine and clean as are all the fans, with all 3 case fans and the cpu cooler fan being less than a year old, all the ribbon cables where also changed for round Belkin cables to aid airflow as well.

The PSU looked reasonably ok and clean when I had it out to change the CPU fan last year but I suppose it could be going internally, it came with the case so I cant vouch for it's quality but it's worked fine to now.

Will leave this running to I can see if theres anymore thoughts but appreciate everything so far

  skidzy 21:03 10 Jan 2007

Im afraid the only thing i can think of, is to check for updated drivers.

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