Green Prints

  flycatcher1 11:22 27 Feb 2009

I am using an Epson R220 Photo Printer.

Suddenly my prints show green when they should show black.
Printing black pictures works perfectly.

My cartridges are non- Epson but have worked perfectly in the past and are all newish except black which is at 25%.

Any help would be appreciated because we are producing a Ancestors Book for our family and need to copy many Sepia pictures. Thanks in advance.

  Graphicool1 13:08 27 Feb 2009

"Suddenly my prints show green when they should show black.
Printing black pictures works perfectly."

This seems to be a contadiction?

  Sea Urchin 13:39 27 Feb 2009

Does sound contradictory - but if you mean that the black parts of a colour picture appear green then maybe one of your colour ink cartridges is running out.

  flycatcher1 15:42 27 Feb 2009

Thanks for prompt replies. I understand the contradiction - but :
Prints printed in Black are correct however, when trying to print in Sepia where there are browns the print is correct but where there should be black there is green. Very frustrating.
I have changed three cartridges and all are at least 75 %. The new Magneta Cartridge shows full but is barely visible on Print Check.

I have just ordered a Cleaning Cartridge for Magnenta and I hope that this will cure the problem.

  Graphicool1 16:22 27 Feb 2009

I think you have just diagnosed your own question.

  woodchip 16:31 27 Feb 2009

Have you done a Printer test to check the jets are clear?

Start\Settings\Printers right click on the Printer then Properties. Do a print test using the tools for it not the test page button

  woodchip 16:32 27 Feb 2009

PS the test Page will be a quick test to tell you what colour is missing

  flycatcher1 19:06 27 Feb 2009

Thank you for your further replies.
I tried the Test followed by Clean and Magnenta was not completely blank but I am still at a loss to understand why the loss of one colour causes the Sepia and Colour problem.
I will update later.

  Stuartli 19:38 27 Feb 2009

If a cartridge or cartridges are nearing the end of their usuable life, you can get this problem with Epson printers.

Usually changing the cartridge(s) provides the cure.

Try installing SSC, which will indicate each cartridge's ink level and allow overall or individual cleaning.

click here

  flycatcher1 17:48 28 Feb 2009

Thanks for your continued help.
I managed to get a Magenta cleaning cartridge but no improvement.
I have replaced all cartriges - no difference.

I downloaded SSC (Magic Program!) and tried all options to no avail.

As I have an urgent requirement for pictures to put in Ancestors Albums I think that I will have to surrender and buy a new printer.
Top of list is a Canon ip 4600.
Your assistance is appreciated.

  Les28 19:55 28 Feb 2009

Just wondering if you are using windows own Picture and Fax viewer to print from, or do you print from a photo editing application.

There is a problem printing from windows own wizard with Epson, I had the problem mentioned on the Epson link myself with my Epson R200 and now print from photo editing prog, this is an Epson workaround for the problem to continue printing from the windows wizard. May not be relevant in your case, as you say it happened suddenly,but just wondered.

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