Green lines making pages hang.

  Valvegrid 07:24 07 Jun 2003

Has anyone else noticed when switching between pages on this site there is a delay of several seconds while it puts the little green lines under key words. I know PCA have got to get their revenue in somehow, but it is a bit aggravating.

running Win98ES IE6.


  -pops- 07:28 07 Jun 2003

I use Netscape to access this PCA site and I have to say I have never seen any of these green lines.

If you find them irritating in any way at all, try Netscape or Opera.


  Valvegrid 07:33 07 Jun 2003

Thanks Brian,

I might try Netscape, I'm not over keen on Opera having used it for a while.


  -pops- 07:55 07 Jun 2003

Netscape is OK after a period where it didn't seem to know where it was going.

It's a more sober appearance being a sort of battleship grey rather than the "in-yer-face" bright colours of IE.

I use it a lot, as well as Netscape Mail. The thing I don't like about it is the association with AOL and there are occasional things coming through trying to persuade me to transfer (NEVER!).

I used to like Opera but that was version 6. Since the "improved" version 7 came out, I can't get on with it at all. I expect Pesala will come to Opera's defence here but it remains true that I don't like the new Opera, however good and improved it may claim to be.

So, give Netscape a go. I don't think you'll regret it. One further point: I still use IE as my default browser and always have the two running side by side.


  Forum Editor 08:04 07 Jun 2003

other reports of this being a problem in Internet Explorer,but I'll run some timing tests today.

To be honest I can't see that the green lines are a problem - they're the least intrusive form of advertising you could possibly have.

  Lú-tzé 08:09 07 Jun 2003

Valvegrid - I would suggest Mozilla if you want to change browsers. It is the code on which Netscape 7 is built but is without all the extras which AOL has put into Netscape. Version 1.3.1 is the latest with version 1.4 beta out at the moment. It is worth a try and as an added bonus has a built in pop up stopper, easy cookie manager, form filler and so on.

  wawadave 08:09 07 Jun 2003

zone alarm pro blocks these out.the newest verion.

  Bebee 08:22 07 Jun 2003

I've not noticed a problem with the green lines before, but since yesterday evening there has been a delay between the page opening and becoming active (i.e. being able to scroll or click). I also noticed that some of the underlined words seem to be corrupted into meaningless symbols - this makes me think there may be a problem with them at the moment.

Otherwise I think they're a unobtrusive way to advertise and I find it interesting to see who has grabbed which word - I couldn't tell you which adverts are on most pages I visit, but I have followed the odd link with these.

  Bebee 08:32 07 Jun 2003


Have just opened a new post and it does seem to be a green line problem. The page opened normally, the after a short freeze the green lines came up and the name of Bill Gates' company became corrupted to mi#zz#crosoft.

I'm using IE6 on Win ME and am not aware of problems on other sites. Good luck in sorting it out FE, but as I said, I think the green lines are OK, and they help keep a great site free.

  Kitz E Kat 08:35 07 Jun 2003

Im using IE with no green lines, however this is the slowest site i can find right now, i put that down to the dial up connection i was using and looked forwared to getting an ADSL line. Got ADSL line every site i visit is rocket quick, except this one, its sloooooow, no quicker than on the dial up connection, however it is a great site, because of the good help i always get so i guess ill have to put up with it

  VoG™ 08:50 07 Jun 2003

Pages are very slow to load today, even with Opera which doesn't display the green lines. I should say that I am not using Opera to avoid them - I agree that they are totally inobtrusive.

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