Greek fonts displaying in English!

  Phrixos 14:23 28 Dec 2009

I'm feeling very foolish--but,

When I install one Greek font (Galilee, not the nicest) it works fine--but when I install any other Greek font, like Gentium (the one I really want) it displays in English!

I must be doing something very dumb here, but I sure can't figure out what.

Any Greek help out there?

  McD 15:18 28 Dec 2009

Phrixos. Not sure what you mean here, but I regulary switch between English Keyboard and Greek. It is done via Control Panel>Region and Language>Keyboard> Change Keyboard>Scroll down to Greek> drop down menu> select (a choice of font). Apply you should now Have the language bar in task bar and select language required. Hope this is what you want.

  Phrixos 16:09 28 Dec 2009

Hello McD.

Thanks for answering, but it's not a question of the keyboard and which merely transcribes the letters pressed (whereby and for instance, pressing "h" will produce an eta and shift+V will produce a sigma), but it's a question of the alphabet itself presenting in the usual Phoenician characters instead of Greek.)

For instance again, if I go into Windows/Fonts and bring up the Gentian Font, the letters are in English "The quick brown fox..." etc. whereas if I do the same in Galilee Font, they present in Greek.


  Phrixos 16:17 28 Dec 2009


The same is true if I use the e-greek font. Whereas, say, I highlight any English word, and change the font to e-greek, the word presents in Greek--but if I choose Gentian, it still presents in English.

  Phrixos 17:38 29 Dec 2009

Hello Marg; thanks for the input.

All links to downloading the Gentium font lead to:

click here

which, being a highly reputable site, leads me to accept that the download file is in order. Add to that, the same thing happened when I tried to install the font about six months ago--to the same effect, so that would seem to rule out a corrupt download too.

I've checked the file out on my (AMP) Font Viewer and it still comes out as "The q

  Phrixos 17:41 29 Dec 2009


to continue: still comes out as "The quick brown fox...."

The same is true when using Character Map.

Thanks again for the input.

If you've any other ideas,....


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