greedy modem problem - how use USB Hub?

  Limariami 14:54 04 Mar 2003

Hello all

Recently I connected to ADSL with a USB modem. After a while (variable from 1 minute to 1 hour), the connection stops and the only way I can reconnect is by restarting the computer.

After several exchanges, the Helpdesk experts established that my modem is power-hungry and they suggested updating drivers. however, none of these drivers worked.

I decided to buy a self-powered USB Hub but, to my exasperation, it made the problem worse because the internet connection could not be established AT ALL.

Please help. Does this sound like a power problem? If so, am i doing something wrong (the USB Hub didnot come with any instructions so i assumed it was just a metter of connecting)?

Andy T

(specs: ASUS 7V motherboard, Windows 98SE, Alcatel Speedtouch USB modem)

  IZZY 17:32 04 Mar 2003


I'd be delighted to be able to help you as I went through a rough two/three weeks of trying to solve much the same problem.

However, you don't say what hub you've got - (and I thought there would be some instructions with it.

I'm really only posting this so the thread will come back to the top and I think you need to be a bit more specific about what you have done so far.

Unfortunately, I don't have experience of the Alcatel but if Leo49 notices this post, he certainly has detailed knowledge of the modem and how he fixed the problem.



  IZZY 17:43 04 Mar 2003


You could also have a look at this thread. Leo49's links could be very elpful in your case.

click here



  IZZY 17:46 04 Mar 2003

or even 'helpful' Tck..tck...dropped H. Dreadful!


  tbh72 17:59 04 Mar 2003

Izzy, thank's for the update link. I remember they offered an update several month's ago. Try as I did I couldn't get it installed, I would like to try that ADSL Speedtest, but cant remember the URL, think it was ADSLGuide or something

  Limariami 18:08 04 Mar 2003

Thanks Izzy for the rapid responses.
I missed that thread – will have a look through it.
Also will try to contact Leo49 too if he/she does not notice.
Will look at model of USB Hub later.

More detail for my problem is as follows:

The drivers that i have installed are the following:
- USB drivers from Via Technologies website. First the USB Filter Patch - USB v1.0. then, after this didnt fix the problem, USB 2.0 Driver, from teh same site (I didnt know whether my USB is 1 or 2)
- a patch sent to me by the HelpDesk
- a driver/patch (whats the difference), downloaded from the ASUS websitee, correspnding to my mothercard (contents described as AGP Driver, INF Driver, IRQ Routing Driver, W98 Driver Setip Folder)

Some more spec sare as follows:
Athlon Socket A Motherboard
ASUS A7V Jumper Free PCI133/Vc133 200MHz FSB AGP Pro/4X - Via Apollo KT133 Chipset

AMD Athlon 900 MHz CPU
128 MB PC133 High Perfomance SDRAM
40 GB UDMA66 Hard Disk Drive with Buffer

Yours optimistically,


  IZZY 21:00 04 Mar 2003


Hello again....

Seems as if you've got the patches/drivers that I was thinking you should get so these are out of the equation.

When you installed the USB hub does it show up in Settings...Control Panel....System... System Properties...Device Manager...USB controllers? And there are no conflicts? I haven't installed a hub but I presume yours came with the necessary drivers?

If these are all O.K. I would suggest a re-install of the modem drivers but hat's about all I can think of.

I'm also including a couple of links for tbh72 in this posting but there could be something helpful there for you too.

Incidentally, have you visited Alcatel web site.

click here

click here

click here



  Limariami 11:49 05 Mar 2003

Hi Izzy

The USB Hub is by AB Soft (I bought it from FNAC, a major French chain).

In Device Manager there are different USB items, none of which have a yellow question mark.

I will read thru the threads when i have time and get back.



  leo49 12:37 05 Mar 2003

Just caught up with this and I well understand the frustration you must be feeling.These can be very finicky so unfortunately there's no one size fits all sure fix - it really is a case of trial and error in terms of Bios settings[there's a good guide here;

click here

and actual physical connection to the PC.

I would start again with a clean slate by uninstalling all the Alcatel drivers and unplugging the modem.If the driver on the Alcatel CD is not the latest[ie 2.0.1], download it from Izzy's link to Speedtouch.

Go into your Bios under the "Power" or similarly named section and "Disable" Suspend Mode[if you have it] - this may involve first setting your Power Managerment to "User defined".Your OS manages power quite adequately - doing this prevents the bios from cutting off power to an idle device.

Load the Alacatel CD and then update with the latest version driver if necessary.Complete the installation process as per the leaflet and try connecting the modem as the only device to the powered hub and then the hub to USB port[ideally leaving free the 2nd USB port of the pair]. Make sure the power-on lights[if you have any]are lit on the powered hub.

That's how my 'frog' works but other folk find it best plugged directly into The PC USB hub - as I said these modems can be very PC specific to configure and can require a lot of suck and see.

Sorry not to be of more certain help.

Good luck.

Regards leo49

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