Great help 4 those failing to install NTL home BB.

  Jono106 15:28 10 Jan 2003
  Jono106 15:28 10 Jan 2003

Recently I have had some real trouble carrying out the home installation of NTL broadband on my new PC because the NTL software kept telling me different components of my computer were causing problems. For those of you who are experiencing the same problems, here is the fix that could save you ££££'s on the lengthy call. A good thing to check before you start is that all the important lights on your modem are on. They are USB, D/S, Power, Sync and RDY. The crucial ones here are SYNC and RDY because if they aren't on then there is no outside connection and the engineers will be back round for a cup of tea. The helpline for this is 0800 052 2000 and you oddly need to select the Television option to get to the right people. Tell them the lights aren't on on your modem.
Right, back to the installation. Firstly boot your computer up and go to the START menu, then to RUN and type(or)click (can't remember whether you type it or click it!!) CMD. Click OK. This takes you into DOS. Where the cursor is flashing, type: IPCONFIG /ALL (yes, there is meant to be a space in there). This will come up with a load of numbers but you need to look for the IP address field. This is just to check whether the IP number in DOS begins with 62, 80, 81, 213. These are all NTL addresses. Once you checked this is so, close the window and launch your Internet Explorer. As the mainframe opens, it obviously wont be able to hook up so you need to click STOP. Delete all in the address field and type Hit enter. This will take you to the manual registration site for NTL and you can register all your details there, complete and all of the neccessaries will be automatically downloaded to your cable modem, which will also re-set itself so don't worry... it's meant to happen. After all is said and done, there is one more gripe that you may have. When connecting to that IP address for NTL you may have to go through the connection wizard if your on XP home. If you do, NEXT the first page, NEXT the second page (as the default is the option you need), select 'set-up manually' on the 3rd, select
'broadband modem is always on the 4th and continue to the end of the wizard. Bobs your uncle, Fannie's your aunt. Good luck and I hope this helps someone so I feel all mushy inside.

  dth 15:55 10 Jan 2003

cheers for that mate - as am off to a mates' house tonight to set up his ntl bb for him.

  jazzypop 16:03 10 Jan 2003

Then you might also like to make a note of this excellent site (although I doubt you'll actually need it) - click here

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