great big magnified screen!

  Susie blue 21:28 04 Dec 2005

I am having a strange moment. after playing a kids CD rom game, My PC decided to magnify everything. I have managed to reduce desktop icons to a sensible size, and font size. But when I open Word, it is so big, the toolbar will not fit across the page, and I do not even get the little '>>' at the end (it is also off the screen) I have changed screen resolution to minimum (to no avail) and system restore has no effect - I mean the PC says 'system restore was unsuccessful'. I have updated and run virus etc software, but have run out of ideas!

  Skyver 21:33 04 Dec 2005

If you go to control panel/Display/Settings, what is Screen Resolution slider and number of colours set at? Can you increase it? Go to start menu/run, type `dxdiag` and see what version of DirectX you have (should be 9.0c if your machine is up to date).
Go to start menu/run, type `devmgmt.msc` for the Device Manager - are there any yellow warning markers in the list?

  Susie blue 21:48 04 Dec 2005

Aha! I think we may have cracked it!

Screen res was either 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 - I have moved it to the latter, and it looks much better.

Direct X version 9 - check!

No yellow markers in the device management bit.

Any ideas on why system restore won't? Clearly the display settings and general config had changed, but System restore seems to refused, or is on strike? It is currently turned off (so I have now lost all previous restore points) It has not worked right since I had virus (although that is gone) and I turned if off while dealing with that.

  Skyver 21:52 04 Dec 2005

Glad you got the screen problem sorted, as for System Restore, if you start it again do you get any error messages? There are a whole host of reasons it could be having problems, I'd just be guessing without knowing more about more your PC; here are some pointers from Microsoft click here
The simplest psuedo-repair you can do is to run a system file check, have your XP CD handy, go to start menu/run and type `sfc /scannow`.

  Susie blue 21:56 04 Dec 2005

Is this going to lose any of my files? I am in the middle of my degree and therefore have significant amounts of valuable stuff not to mention all the family photos!

  Skyver 22:03 04 Dec 2005

No, it just does what it says on the tin, checks that important system files are the correct versions and replaces them if it finds any problems. You won't lose a thing.

  Skyver 22:06 04 Dec 2005

I'd recommend you start a backup regime if you have ultra-important stuff on the HD, burn to CD or DVD once a week or more, or get an external drive in a caddy - you'll thank yourself if anything were to go wrong with your PC. Here's a free backup tool click here
Microsoft also have one, you'll find it on your XP CD click here

  Susie blue 22:08 04 Dec 2005

Thank you very much. I will try that (but not tonight!)
Thanks for your help this evening ( I love this forum!!!)

  wee eddie 22:09 04 Dec 2005

Back-up important files.


Keep a copy of the stuff you're working on on a Pen Drive. It's quick and easy

  Skyver 22:11 04 Dec 2005

No problem, glad it's sorted.

  007al 23:23 04 Dec 2005

This happens on my children`s pc.Some kids games use lower resolution and change the resolution settings to play the game clearly.As you`ve found,the screen sometimes stays the same when you`re finished playing.

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