Graphics upgrade suitability.

  Tony W. 14:10 03 Dec 2008

I need to upgrade my current Graphics Card.And would appreciate some expert advice from forum members.The one I have in mind is Nvidia Geforce 8800gt.

My current setup is as follows and I would be grateful for any advice regarding suitability to be able to install the above card.And in particular would my system have sufficient power be able to function properly with this new card.

Windows XP Pro.
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHX 8mb Cache 1066Mhz.
ATX midi Tower + 550W PSU
PCI Express Mainboard SLI nForce 650i SLI Intel core Duo ATX
4GB DDR2 667MHZ Memory
2x256MB Nvidia Geforce 8500gt-SLI configuration(will these have to be replaced with 2 new cards)
23 inch Monitor.

If the above mentioned card is not suitable can anybody suggest an alternative.My current card is struggling with a picture editing program I have installed. It would need to be open GL 2-0 compatible with 128mb video ram.

Many thanks.


  citadel 15:45 03 Dec 2008

you only need 1 card, there are now 9800gt's that have taken over from 8800gt, although you can still get 8800gt.
a card with 512 of ram or one with 1g of ram if you want to pay more woud suit..

  Tony W. 19:06 03 Dec 2008

Thank you Citadel. I have decided to follow your suggestion and will now purchase the 9800gt card instead of my original choice of the 8800gt.Many thanks for your help.Tony.

  Joe R 19:08 03 Dec 2008

Tony W.,

what type of budget do you have in mind?

There are one or two better cards, than the 9800 range, at around the same price.

  Tony W. 19:12 03 Dec 2008

Joe R.

I was thinking about £100.00 max including vat.

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