graphics upgrade ?

  rob-40 15:35 21 Oct 2006

hi can you please help me, my pc has integrated nvidia Geforce2 when i watch a video on YOU TUBE the picture is very fuzzy (blotchy)would a graphic upgrade make much differance if so what card would you suggest ? and how much do they cost ? im not looking to pay silly money for gaming on my pc thanks,rob

  Totally-braindead 15:39 21 Oct 2006

YouTube videos are rather low resolution and if you mean what I think you mean in that the quality is not as good as the telly then I have to say this is normal and a new graphics card will not improve it one iota.
If you have a DVD player in your PC and have software to run it and the picture is fine then that will prove my point.

  rob-40 16:02 21 Oct 2006

thanks totally-braindead the videos loolike they are breaking up they seem to be made of tiny squares ?

  ed-0 16:11 21 Oct 2006

Do you know the make and model of your motherboard?

  terryf 16:13 21 Oct 2006

Because they are such low resolution, to repeat Totally-braindead are dvds playing ok on your pc?

  Totally-braindead 11:22 22 Oct 2006

As I said if DVDs play ok then its not your graphics that are the problem.
It depends on what you are seeing. When I look at a video from them its a bit blurry usually and if I look at a video full screen its worse I have to move away from the screen.
It really depends on whether you are describing a proper problem or whether its just because they as low resolution.
Apart from the DVD playing thing the only other suggestion I have is to look at it playing on another computer and then you will see whether the problem exists. If you don't have access to a mates computer or whatever then I suggest your local library then you can compare yourself.
I've seen the videos playing on a computer with onboard graphics many times and to be perfectly honest its no better or worse than it is playing on my PC with a dedicated graphics card.
You could if you wish reinstall the motherboard drivers for the graphics it won't do any harm but I'm not convinced that there is any problem. Without actually seeing it myself I cannot comment further.
If you do decide to upgrade your graphics then it will improve your system a bit as it will free some of the system memory that currently is being used to power the graphics.
If you don't play games then there is no need to go beserk when buying a graphics card and you could pick up something fairly reasonable for about £30-40. If you do decide to do this you must find out if your motherboard has an AGP or PCI Express slot.
I'm not convinced that there is a problem though which is why I ask if a DVD plays ok and suggest you look at one of the vids on another PC.

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