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  Richjack 11:01 13 Nov 2007

Hi guys,

I have one of these laptops (click here), and it has been a trusty old beast, if not a little noisy. However, the latest generations of games COD4 MOH etc has caused me a little heart ache as I can not run them with my current set-up.

A simple questions really, can I update my graphics on this laptop, or am I stuck with the reality of having to fork out more money on a new PC.

If, however, and I doubt, that I can upgrade, could you suggest any suitable options.

Many thanks in advance

  Richjack 14:04 13 Nov 2007


  Totally-braindead 14:21 13 Nov 2007

There are very, very few laptops that have upgradeable graphics. A handful of the hundreds that are out there and I don't think this is one of them. So what you have is what you are stuck with.

The only upgradeable ones I have seen were top of the range ones by Alienware costing about £1500 and the last time I looked there was no mention of them so perhaps they no longer make them.

Someone did provide details of an external graphics card adaptor that was coming out but if I recall correctly theres was no details of when it was coming and how much it was going to cost.

Perhaps someone else will know if they are out yet and if so the price.

Failing that you are I think stuck with what you have.

  Richjack 14:41 13 Nov 2007

mmm, thanks TB, that really was my understanding, however I was hoping that someone would come up with a solution.

Ok then, what would be a suitable start for a Desktop (As I don’t want to be in the same situation in 2 years time) to be able to cope with on-line gaming (COD4/MOH etc).

I am quite restricted with the budget (aren't we all), but am willing to learn and upgrade a less substantial machine if it cuts the costs.

Suggestions please,

and thanks in advance.

  Totally-braindead 14:55 13 Nov 2007

It depends on the budget, as I'm sure you realise as time goes on the goal posts keep getting moved as the game developers bring out games that demand more and more on the hardware.

Without going beserk you need at least a dual core processor and 2 gig memory and something like a GeForce 8600GT but a much better card is the 8800GT and GTS but of course they are dearer.

This is a basic gaming machine and would play probably play COD4 but because of the graphics card you might have to turn off some of the setting or lower them at least click here the more you spend the better machine you can get such as click here

Since your interest is primarily gaming I have to point out that with Vista you take a pretty big hit in terms of frame rates, a game with XP where you get maybe 40 frames per second will drop to maybe 20 or 30 frames per second on Vista.
Trouble is some games such as the new Halo game are Vista only they won't run on XP so you're kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Its all down to cost and how much you are willing to spend.

  Richjack 15:08 13 Nov 2007

At a push I think I could probably go to about £400. Presumably, with this (click here) I would be upgrade the graphics to something more powerful in the future when money became available?

I'll keep looking, but if you have anymore suggestions, please shoot.

  Richjack 15:15 13 Nov 2007

....and of course, being a laptop user for the past 5 years, I have no monitor, keyboard etc. etc....Money money money, its not very funny.....argghhhh

  Totally-braindead 18:49 13 Nov 2007

This is kind of the minimum system I would go for and expect to play games click here its one of the slower dual core processors, not a slouch but not as fast as some of the others, the graphics is fair. If the games over a year old it would probably play it at a reasonable resolution but for the latest games I would forget it as its just not up to it.
It could of course be upgraded graphics wise but a graphics card alone can cost £200 and that kind of makes your budget look a bit lame.
With the one you linked to which was the more expensive system you shouldn't have to upgrade the graphics for a while, hopefully. Unless they bring out something that needs a mega graphics card. The one in the link is what a lot of people are using its one of the best when you compare price via performance. Naturally you can get better cards but when you go above the 8800GTS 320mb you start to get a bit ridiculous in terms of money.
Personally now I wouldn't settle for less than an 8600GT and if I was really into games I would be looking for the 8800GTS with 320mb.

Have a look at Cougar Extreme as they seem to be getting a good reputation and they do some quite good deals. I've no experience of them myself as I'm a Novatech fan but you may find they have better deals. You won't get one with a monitor for £400 though.

  Richjack 21:07 13 Nov 2007

Cheers TB, you have been a star on this one.

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