Graphics & Sound Card Driver Winfast Motherboard

  Sebskins 19:38 23 Sep 2006

I recently formatted my pc but I do not have the cd to install the graphics and sound card.

Unfortunately, I do not know the model of the motherboard but only found these 2 numbers:
K75741MG-6L and K75741GXMG-6L on the board, the sis 963LUA and these numbers: UL 7243001202pc 741m01c - g -6l. Please could you help me by advising me where I can find the drivers for this motherboard. Many thanks

  ed-0 19:48 23 Sep 2006

Is this your motherboard? click here

and the drivers click here

  Sebskins 19:52 23 Sep 2006

yes..i think it looks like it!!!!I will open the pc up and have a proper look. Thank you ed-0

  ed-0 19:55 23 Sep 2006

Well that motherboard is definatley a K7S741GXMG-6L.

So it should be the same as yours;-)

  Sebskins 19:56 23 Sep 2006

thank you...I think I mistaken the S for a 5!! Thats probably why I couldn't find the motherboard. The letters were so small, my eyesight is going!!!

  ed-0 20:02 23 Sep 2006

They can be confusing, but a google usually sorts them out;)

Hope they install OK for you.

  Sebskins 20:05 23 Sep 2006

I will install them as soon as I have downloaded them. Will keep you posted but I'm sure its the right one

  Sebskins 11:13 25 Sep 2006

thanks Ed 0..everything is working fine now.

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