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  giggsy 21:18 13 Jan 2003
  giggsy 21:18 13 Jan 2003

What reason could there be for FIFA 2001 to run slower on my new pc than on the old one?
New spec: 1700+xp, 320MB RAM (1 x 256, 1 x 64), Nvidia TNT2 M64, Newer Gigabyte Motherboard, Win 98 SE.
Old spec: 700MHz Duron, same graphics card, older Gigabyte Motherboard, 320Mb RAM (2 x 128, 1 x 64), Win 98 SE.
Ran smooth as a babies bum at 1280 x 1024 on old set up, but now jerky at 1024 x 768 on new machine.
Have latest drivers installed. Only differences are the memory config and the fact that my monitor is not recognised and is listed as a default monitor.
Cheers people.

  BrianW 21:21 13 Jan 2003

try taking out the 64 meg ram - I seem to remember reading that newer boards are less tolerant of different types of ram being installed

  mark3110 21:26 13 Jan 2003

Also, make sure you have installed all the latest drivers for you graphics card and updated Directx.



  giggsy 21:32 13 Jan 2003

Cheers for the quick response guys. Have got directx 9 installed (not that my graphics card supports it!), and also the latest nvidia drivers (41.09) I think.
Both the memory modules are SD-RAM running at 133, although the 64 stick is about a 18 months older than the 256 stick. Did have some memory issues when updated the motherboard, hence dumping the 2 sticks of 128 and installing the 256 stick. As a result only 2 of the 3 DIMM slots are being used. Would this have any effect on speed? It seems odd, because everything else runs quicker on my new system apart from the games.

  mark3110 21:43 13 Jan 2003

Could be that itas DX 9 slowing it down, Im not sure if you can uninstall them and go back to 8.1 but it may be worth a try if you can. Did you uninstall previous Nvidia drivers before updating with 41.09? If not then uninstall the drviers then reinstall them.

Good luck



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