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  Sketch 20:34 09 May 2003

I am in the process of rifling through magazines to see which graphics card is the out-and-out master at the minute, I have read a lot on the Radeon 9700 Pro which is said across the board to be the top dog. But which type? Is the Gigabyte one that is recommended on the reviews page of this site STILL at the top? The review is quite old.

I WAS going to get a Gainward 'GS' Ti4600 because they were starting to come down in price.

However, as of about a fortnight ago, they were pulled by most stockists in favour of the Ti4800SE, which in everything other than number is in fact less of a card. An upgraded Ti4200 so I am aware.

So which Radeon to get? And are they not bringing out some new ones soon. Like a 9800 perhaps?

Fill me in.


  Rayuk 20:56 09 May 2003

Think you will find the Radeon9800Pro is top dog now
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  3Toed 20:56 09 May 2003

Sketch-i have a Hercules 9700 pro (has copper heatsinks)and am vey pleased with it,but then again thats my choice.You are quite right in thinking there are others around and one of the newer ones,the Hercules 9800 pro is available here-
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Specs included

  3Toed 20:59 09 May 2003

Doh !-Rayuk beat me,but to a link with a different board manufacturer.

  Sketch 22:34 09 May 2003

Wow. That is impressive. Unfortuanately, so is the price! :o(

Is the Gigabyte still the top graphics card according to PCA? I ask because the reviews are quite dated now.


  3Toed 22:42 09 May 2003

lol-yes it is a bit!
Yes its still the top-
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  The Sack 00:55 10 May 2003

I have a Gainward GF4 Ti-4200 and for the price it takes some beating.

3D Mark 2001 SE click here

  powerless 06:41 10 May 2003

"Athlon XP 2400+, TwinMOS PC2700 in sync with CPU on a 418MHz FSB and a Gainward GF4 Ti-4200. All stable and happy."

The 418MHz FSB helps.

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