Graphics problem,

  wolfie3000 21:01 05 Aug 2008

Im having problems with a computer,
After a few minutes the monitor either flashes up different colours or it goes into standby mode.

Iv tryed reinstalling the graphics card drivers and removing them but still get the same problem.

It mostly happens when a video or game is run but happens usually after a few minutes of the pc being turned on.

Iv tryed everything i can think of and i think i may be looking at a re install of windows.

So any ideas how to fix this without a total format??

  MAT ALAN 21:05 05 Aug 2008

Might be a loose cable, one of the pins maybe bent or busted if it has been taken off and put back wrong, it may just be the monitor itself...

  wolfie3000 21:07 05 Aug 2008

The monitor cables have been checked also the pins too, this was the first thing i checked.

The monitor works fine on other pc,s too.

  MAT ALAN 21:08 05 Aug 2008

VGA card is dead then...

  wolfie3000 21:13 05 Aug 2008

God i hope not, its an ATI radeon something or other and i really7 dont want to be replacing it.

Any way of finding out or any alternative solutions to this problem?

  citadel 21:14 05 Aug 2008

I would try another psu first.

  wolfie3000 21:15 05 Aug 2008

How would that help?

  MAT ALAN 21:17 05 Aug 2008

Could be PSU moreso if it has a direct connection to PSU rather than drawing from MOBO...

  wolfie3000 21:20 05 Aug 2008

I dont think it is a hardware problem to be honest, plus its a Dell pc so it might be tricky to take the thing apart to check out the stuff inside.

  MAT ALAN 21:23 05 Aug 2008

I do not think software conflict will give the issues you have, you may have to swap some stuff out to eliminate it as the cause...

  citadel 21:23 05 Aug 2008

faulty psu can cause all sorts of problems, often there are no error messages and there is no knowing when a glitch may occur.

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