graphics problem

  CROPP 18:25 27 Nov 2005

asus a7v600 mobo
athlon 2800
512 mb mem
nvidia geoforce 5200 graphic card

If I try to watch a dvd I get really bad sound but the picture is reasonable. If I try to watch an avi file from my desktop it is breaking up with green blobs.Some graphics on the web are all dislpaying like digital noise. If I open a picture file in photoshop it has lines running through it. It prints that way too.
I tried new drivers for graphic card and motherboard. I loaded up an image of my hard drive from earlier in the year and had the same problems so I assumed my graphic card was kaput. Bought a new geoforce 5200 but with extra memory. Same problem.
I'm thinking now that it must be my motherboard and have found that I can get an Asus a7v600 - x
which I'm hoping to be able to do a straight swap.
Any body any ideas as I don't want to buy the board and still have the same problems. The only other components would be the memory, the processor and the power supply and I don't have any I can wap them for.
If I go for the motherboard , any tips on installing? I think I've read somewher about deleting some system files before swapping.

  GaT7 18:46 27 Nov 2005

First try the latest VIA Hyperion drivers direct from their website (not Asus) click here.

Download & install the Pro version (VIA HyperionPro) if you use SATA/RAID. Otherwise the VIA Hyperion 4in1 drivers (lower down) should be sufficient. Read the associated info/notes before installing. Good luck, G

  CROPP 20:47 27 Nov 2005

Just tried VIA Hyperion drivers. Still got the same problems.

  SG Atlantis 20:54 27 Nov 2005

Had the same problem before, with an nvidia geforce 5700. My solution was to roll back the drivers by about a year I think. Then video played fine.

Ya get them

click here

  canard 23:21 27 Nov 2005

r click dewsktop-customize my desktop-settings- advanced geforce fx2-application profiles- change to global settings - it will fix the blob problem.

  CROPP 17:33 28 Nov 2005

I've tried most off these guys. It's already set to global settings. The main point I've made is that I loaded an image of my drive from earlier in the year when everything was fine and I still had the same problems. Surely all the drivers were fine then , thats why I think it's hardware problem and as I've changed my graphic card I can't think that it is anything else but the board.

  GaT7 17:52 28 Nov 2005

Is the latest DirectX installed & functioning correctly?
Start>Run> type dxdiag in the box & press OK. On the 1st tab you'll get the version at the bottom. Click on the Display, Sound tabs & run the tests. Do all complete successfully?

Did you use these latest graphics card drivers (for Win2K/XP) click here?
[Sometimes an earlier version does better - driver archive for Win2K/XP click here. Try this only if the DirectX tests fail (I think?)]. G

  CROPP 20:18 28 Nov 2005

Tried the directx tests. It passed all tests although the music on a couple of the tests started with feedback.
Yes I used the latest drivers.
Again, surely if I've tested by reloading an image of my drive I've ruled out it being a driver problem as I know it worked fine originally but now I get the same problem when I reload the image.

  Skyver 20:23 28 Nov 2005

Same thing in safe mode? Turned off all the acceleration in your BIOS AGP settings? Tried disabling DirectX temporarily, or turned Hardware Acceleration down in Display Properties? I'm aware of your last post, but anything is worth a try if it saves you doing a re-install.

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