Graphics Power issues

  sdfnet 12:16 21 Nov 2008

Hi guys,

Here's my problem, and I'm really hoping someone might be able to shed some light on it. I've recently put together a new PC for myself, it'd been a while since I did so, but all seemed to go smoothly. The issue I'm having is with my new Gainward 9800GXT+ (Ebuyer Quickfind 150576) throwing up a message when I boot up saying it is "not receiving sufficient power. As a result the graphics card has lowered its performance to a level that allows continued safe operation”. When this first happened I put it down to (through my ignorance of it’s existence) the fact that my former PSU didn’t have the 20+4 pin mobo connector – so I’ve now replaced that PSU with a more up to date modular one (that on the customer review of it did report to power cards with this chipset), but I’m still getting the message. The manual of the card lists it as requiring a 500w PSU, my old one (which is why I didn’t originally replace it) and my new one are both 650w, so I can’t see that being the problem. I have power supply to the card on its own lead from the PSU so there can’t be anything else drawing down the power. Could it be that the card is faulty? The manual for the card is no use at all and the Gainward site didn’t offer any help either. The only instruction from the manual or the power warning message on screen was to “ensure your Nvidia graphics card has the supplementary power connector attached”. It does! There are actually 2 power plugs on the card, and it seems not to matter which you plug into you get the same message (I don’t know for certain, but I’m guessing the 2nd plug is to daisy chain power over to a 2nd SLI card if one was present?).

I’d really appreciate any thoughts or suggestions, I’ve exhausted everything I can think of and am dreading ending up with a highly expensive paperweight!

  5ean 12:33 21 Nov 2008

Look in your PSU manual and see what power that cable is putting out. Try the 12V rail with the largest output, or start at the lowest then work up until it works, assuming you can't find this out on the GPU's website....

The 4 rails (if you have four) may vary in max load from 8A - 20+A

click here - see here for example.

  I am Spartacus 12:35 21 Nov 2008

You have to connect to both power connectors on the card (each 8 pin, I think).

  retep888 13:36 21 Nov 2008

You need to plug 2 x 6 pins power connectors into the card to get it working properly.

The 2nd plug isn't for SLI connection.The SLI connector is at the other end near the metal plate.

  sdfnet 16:57 21 Nov 2008

I haddn't previously plugged both plugs in through fear of backfeeding the PSU and frying it (or worst over powering the graphics card and frying that!) but based on your kind responses the problem is now fixed! thankyou!!

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