Graphics Performance down the pan - Help

  User-312386 20:19 10 Sep 2007

Hi all

Been at PC Pitstop and the graphics reading used to be 359.78 MP/s (107% of 13 similar) click here

Now they are 61.14 MP/s (24% of 57 similar) click here

I have checked all the Settings (In Bios) and can not for the life of me find out whats wrong. Is it either the Graphics card which is a BFG and has a lifetime warranty or the MOBO?

  citadel 22:00 10 Sep 2007

what about actually playing a game, has a game that used to run well turned into a slideshow. I use fraps to test the graphics card, this shows the fps while playing a game and is more reliable.

  Devil Fish 22:03 10 Sep 2007

yep i would go with citadel on this one grab a copy of fraps and check your FPS

  Bobtheblob 22:28 10 Sep 2007

Just tried pcpitstop too and my system is also showing unusually low video performance at 101.99 megapixels per second. I wouldn't believe it.

  I am Spartacus 22:32 10 Sep 2007

Have you upgraded your motherboard and did you installed the latest drivers if you did?

  I am Spartacus 22:40 10 Sep 2007

I've just looked at the download on the link I gave and it's 1.8MB. My copy which is supposedly the same version is only 1.1MB. Something doesn't look right.

  I am Spartacus 22:40 10 Sep 2007

Sorry put the post in the wrong thread

  User-312386 22:42 10 Sep 2007

I play Americas Army which is more CPU intensive and yes the game is "Sticky"

All latest drivers installed for Mobo and Graphics card

  Devil Fish 22:47 10 Sep 2007

hit the fraps click here

check your fps click here

  Devil Fish 22:48 10 Sep 2007

uh what happened their 2 links

  User-312386 23:09 10 Sep 2007

I know the FPS is 80FPS in game as it maxes at that

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