Graphics - onboard or card?

  Bargee 11:59 20 Jan 2004

Wouldn't you know it! Just when I've got my shopping list together for my new build, along comes a "helpful" mate who flings a chuffing great chrome-vanadium 55mm open ender into my plans.

I was going to go for a seperate graphics card, but my "mate" thinks I'm wasting my money as I'm not a gamer (true)& that for my digital photography etc, the onboard graphics of a motherboard will be sufficient.


I trust you lot out there, what do you think?

Any suggestions or hardware reccomendations gratefully received.


  Iwasaki 12:03 20 Jan 2004

To be honest, the price of the cards these days a cheap mx440 card for less than £30 is worth just putting it in. You may want to play games, and it will most certaionly help the system resources. Get one. It will helps with photos and images.

  Iwasaki 12:04 20 Jan 2004

Only time a onboard system is any good is cheap,cheap,cheap and a remedial office slave pc. But they do play games don't get me wrong, but it is chalk and cheese. Only you can decide, I am not a fan of having so much on your motherboard to be honest!

  Tog 12:24 20 Jan 2004

Get a card for games and processor intense apps, use on-board graphics for anything else.

  Indigo 1 17:17 20 Jan 2004

Card everytime over onboard.

It's not just because it allows the graphics to perform better, it also means the motherboard is less stressed. That allows it to run a little quicker and you get better response.

And as Iwasaki says, at the price of GFX cards these days you can easily afford a reasonable one, no need for top end stuff if you're not a gamer.

  Gaz 25 17:24 20 Jan 2004

Fraid, I have to say get a cheap Video Card.

It will give you quicker rendering of images, etc.

Even if you dont play games, a seperate card will offer a better preformance for yuor images, etc.

It also makes XP look better. LOL

  Bargee 08:22 21 Jan 2004

Thanks all.

I knew I should have gone with my gut instincts, although, thanks to you all, I will review the card I was going to buy to ensure it will do what I want without being OTT. I do tend towards the expensive, but then "I like nice things!"

As for my "mate", cheap, cheap, cheap just about sums him up. I should have known better.


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