Graphics/ Mother board compatibility -AGP v 8 AGP

  CASP2 10:55 17 Sep 2004


I have recently installed BFG GeForce FX 5200 256MB -AGP after the failure of my previous nVidia card.
Since installation, at start up I get a blue screen stating,

"hardware malfunction please contact vendor."

If I reset the screen disappears on restart..
I have tested the card using the XP wizard and all seems well but have had no success.

Can you please advise whether this is related to drivers or the hardware itself?

I operate Windows XP, Athlon 1700XP chip with 512 mb of DDR PC133.

If a compatible motherboard is required where can I source one that will be the quickest and cheapest solution? Or should I change Graphics Card for PCI?

  Jeffers22 11:13 17 Sep 2004

First, remove the card and reseat it. AGP cards are finicky about being properly located in the slot. Give the slot a good blow out before refitting.

If no change, why not do as suggested and contact the manufacturer. Could be a faulty card after all - it does happen occasionally. Would certainly go to the manufacturers web site and take a look at their support pages.

  CASP2 23:19 27 Sep 2004

I tried the cleaning out but no success.

Graphics card manufacturer sent an 11 page e-mail which seems to point to one or two things.

1) The IRQ assigned to Graphics card is IRQ11 which is shared it appears with IEEE1394 Bus Controller. Is this a problem? (Check Microsoft Knowledge Base 314068- re XP and IRQ sharing).

May explain it but not clear.

2) the card itself is faulty.

I am hoping it is 1) otherwise it could be a new motherboard, RAM, CPU ..

Any more advice

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