Graphics grief?

  Sobeit 21:52 22 Apr 2006

Hi all.
I have a Radeon 9550 256mb card.
I get lock up when online gaming. MOHAA.
I have swapped my card for another identical card from a mates comp.
This one is even worse.
It crashes almost immediately leaving a blank black screen.
I restarted and didn't even get online before the screen became a mass of colour.
The fact that I have tried two identical cards and got such different results has me more confused.
I have the latest drivers installed so the cards surely should act the same??
One other thing, I have a single beep on start up, not the POST beep but a beep just as the welcome screen is loading?
My motherboard manual points to a refresh error?
Any clues anyone?
Oh yeah. Browsing etc is fine, just gaming.

XP Home SP2
GA-7VT600 1394 Mobo
Athlon xp 3000 (underclocked-2100)!
512mb RAM
Ati Radeon 256mb 9500
Seagate 160gb HDD
On board sound
Direct x 9.0
Cooler Master Extreme Power 430w psu

  VoG II 21:57 22 Apr 2006

Start, Run, type


and click OK. Does it throw up any errors?

  gudgulf 22:30 22 Apr 2006

The via chipset on your motherboard has some issues when running with AGP 8x graphics cards.......particularly ATI cards.Random lockups and system crashes can result.

Open the ATI control panel and locate SmartGart.

Set the AGP acceleration to 4x and restart the pc for the settings to take effect.

See if the problem still occurs.

Note....running your card at AGP 4x wont in any way slow it down.The 9550 series card are nowhere near powerful enough to stretch the capabilities of AGP 4x,let alone AGP 8x.

  Sobeit 10:39 23 Apr 2006

Thanx for the replies.
VoG. I ran the tests in dx diag and would say that the 3d tests were a bit dodgy.
I had the spinning cube but a second cube kept flashing up beside it???

gudulf. I will try your thoughts out.

BTW, my mate has since tested my card in his comp and it runs just the same as his original.

  Sobeit 11:09 23 Apr 2006

I have just tried MOHAA Breakthrough for 10 mins and all seemed fine.
Also, when I tried the 3d test again in dxdiag the second cube was not there.
I hope you have cured my problem for me, I will try it for longer later.
If this has worked gudulf, could you tell me why my problem has got worse over time?
I have always had problems of some sort since I have had this setup.
One has been an unstable screen, just a very slight tremor even on normal desktop.

  Sobeit 17:52 23 Apr 2006

It has been running for about an hour with no grief.
My mate now remebers that he set his to 4x after having grief but thought it was something to do with his mobo!!

Many thanx.

  gudgulf 19:20 23 Apr 2006

I'm not sure why it gets worse over time...other than updated drivers having less and less support for your card as they concentrate mostly on the most recent cards.VIA made no effort to sort this out with there 4-in-1 drivers so I assume it is an inherent hardware characteristic.

I had the same problem on a P4 based pc with a 9600pro.

It took ages to track the solution down as VIA blamed others for the was on VIA's own VIA-arena forums that I found out the problem was occurring with ATI and NVidia graphics,Pentium and Athlon processors and several motherboard manufacturers.The only common factor was the VIA chipset at AGP 8x.

  Sobeit 21:44 23 Apr 2006

Well bum.
Spoke too soon.
It had been going great guns for some time.
One daughter playing MOHAA, no problems.
Other daughter playing Sims2, no problems.
I play MOHAA for 15 minutes, freeze!!!!
So it appears I am back to square one.

  gudgulf 22:11 23 Apr 2006

Check it's still set to AGP 4x

  Sobeit 11:01 24 Apr 2006

Yeah it is.
Did that as soon as it crashed.
Been on MOHAA since and it played for as long as I wanted it to.
It seems very touchy.
Better than it was but then again I don't expect these things to run any where near perfect.

  Sobeit 08:43 25 Apr 2006

Just the one freeze.
Expected every now and again whatever so that'll do me nicely, (for now) ;-)

Thanks for your help.

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