graphics errors x850xt agp

  User-92DDCDF3-0184-434B-8701EC41369540AF 21:27 21 Jan 2006

if anyone could shed any light on this it would be much appreciated.

am currently running a msi kt400 m/b 2800+ athlon 1 gig ram pc2700 and a radeon 9800pro

have just bought a asus x850xt agp graphics card but find when installed and switched on i get graphical glitches from the moment the pc is switched on (including safe mode).

i have tried reinstalling drivers to no avail and have now put my 9800 pro back in which is working fine.

the 3 things i was wondering is could the ram be to slow and do i need to upgrade to pc3200,,or is the power supply not upto scratch 350w or is the card just faulty.

any help would be greatly appreciated as i know alot of knowledgeable people are on here

  Mr Beeline 22:13 21 Jan 2006


You say "graphical glitches" could you be more precise.

Can't see it will be connected to either your CPU or memory. Other than the CPU will be a bit of a bottle neck with a card of this caliber at higher resolutions. PSU may be a possibility. But I shall await further information before commenting.

yes i can be more precise although it may sound strange....on the first bootup screen there are coloured lines going across the screen and then on the next startup screen there are blocks of "A and what looks like an ohm sign" at random places.

will use an @ for this instance....

so "A@"

finally when i get to the desktop the screen goes blank and thats as far as it gets.

sorry if that sounds wired but never seen anything like that...hope it helps

thanks again

  AndySD 09:13 22 Jan 2006

Did you uninstall the graphics drivers before adding the new card?

You may want to boot into the bios after adding the new card (before booting into windows) and Enable 'Reset Configuration Data' (may be 'Force Update ESCD' in some CMOS Setups)

Then boot into Windows and install the drivers.

hi there, yes did remove the drivers before putting in the new card and also went into the bios but couldnt see alot in there due to these graphics errors.

  AndySD 10:36 22 Jan 2006

Ok so I cant find anything specific on the asus sitr. Can you tell us the modle number of the motherboard.

hi there...its a msi 6712 kt4av

  AndySD 11:08 22 Jan 2006

click here try using the MSI Live Update utility to check if the BIOS needs to be updated. You may also want to update the VIA chipset drivers.

thanks for your help in this..will do the live update..have recently updated the via chipset drivers.

thanks once again

just done a live update and only update available was to recognize sempron processors.

still at a loss

  AndySD 11:40 22 Jan 2006

What version is the bios on the pc at the moment (live update will tell you) as there are updates for ATI graphics cards but the latest (1.c)covers all the older ones as well as the semperon update.

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