graphics driver up date

hi, what is the correct procedure to replace/ update your grx driver? do i have to remove the current one or will the new one over write it?
any advice greatly recieved.
xp home sp2
gforce 7600gt
i have the driver from the cd that came with card i would just like the latest version
thanks in advance adam.

  Jackcoms 15:15 06 Jan 2007

You should download the update and save it to your Desktop.

You then uninstall the existing driver and reboot the PC. You will then be in VGA resolution. Then double click on the downloaded driver to install it. Once it has finished installing do the following:

• Right click on a blank portion of your Desktop.
• Select 'properties'.
• On the tab at the top click on 'settings'.
• Select your preferred screen resolution i.e. 1280 x 1024 or whatever.
• Select the Colour Quality i.e. Highest 32 Bit.
• Select 'Advanced'.

You will then have the NVidia controls to set to your personal preferences.

thanks jackcoms, to uninstall existing driver, do i select uninstall, from the device manager 7600gt?

  Jackcoms 15:29 06 Jan 2007

Have a look in Add/Remove Programs.

Mine is listed in there as 'NVIDIA drivers'.

oh, i've found it, thats great, many thanks.

on nvid driver site is my driver = grx card>> (the top one or ge force go7)?

  Jackcoms 16:31 06 Jan 2007

For some reason the Nvidia download site won't load for me at the moment, so I can't look there.

Unless another member knows better, I seem to recall that a GeForce driver is a GeForce driver is a GeForce driver and you have GeForce card!

no probs its a little confusing as there is 3 options that are for my card, i shall take a chance , thanks again bud

  Jackcoms 16:36 06 Jan 2007

Before you un-install the old and install the new, set a restore point in case it all goes pear shaped!

  Mr Beeline 16:39 06 Jan 2007


If you have a motherboard running an Nvidia based chipset (EG. Nforce4 motherboard), remove only the "display drivers". Sounds obvious, but I've known people remove everything before!


If you are by any chance putting a new graphics card in (rather than just updating the drivers) then I would recommend running a product like Driver Cleaner Pro after removing the Graphics card drivers from add/remove programs. Especially if moving from one make of graphics card to another (IE. ATI to Nvidia).

Good luck.

  n4165si 16:41 06 Jan 2007

adman 2
download your nvdia forceware card from hereclick here

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