graphics distortions on new installations

  inapot69 16:27 05 Oct 2006

te last 2 games i have installed ( vampire bloodlines & spell force) have both been distorted graphically after installation.
they have pieces missing from the figures and backgrounds...usually triangular this to do with the graphics card..or what ?
sorry to appear thick....
i have 1.3 athlon
windows xp
ati 9200 se graphics card
512 mb ddr ram
and approx 40gb spare disc space.
anyone help please?

  sean-278262 16:30 05 Oct 2006

Go to ATIs website (google for it) and download the latest drivers for your graphics card. If that works let us know by posting and then close the topic let us know if there is any change.


  brundle 16:36 05 Oct 2006

I'm no expert on ATI cards, but it's possible that what you have is too old or just not fast enough;

"Game requirements; 1.2 GHz Athlon or 1.2 GHz Pentium III or higher; 384MB of RAM (512 Recommended); Quad-Speed CD-ROM (600 K/sec sustained transfer rate); 3.3 GB uncompressed hard disk space and 1.4 GB for Windows swap file; 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible videocard; 16-bit sound card and drivers"

  sean-278262 16:44 05 Oct 2006

The 9200 should manage those games so I would try the drivers first as I suggest. I get the impression that inapot69 has used the games in the past with success.

  inapot69 16:52 05 Oct 2006

i have used other games in the past with no roblems...these are the last 2 i have installedand both have developed the fault
i a in the process of downloading the drivers and will try again

  inapot69 17:20 05 Oct 2006

have gone to ati and d/loaded what i believe to be right driver..(told you i was thick)
there were 3 pieces to d-l
1st a microsoft net thing...
then a catalyst thing
when i had d-loaded 2nd section it said i must restart...i tried and it hung....
any advice?
upon restart it did not continue with install process as i expecteed?

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