Graphics Display Problem

  billy_s 19:26 10 Feb 2003

I have an 128mb Nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4200 running on an Athlon 2200XP machine. I am having a problem with the display on some applications. This takes the form of a symmetrical grid of small blue dots appearing across the screen. I can ‘cure’ this problem when using PowerDVD by right clicking and enabling hardware acceleration under ‘configuration’. However, when my kids are playing ‘the Sims’ the same problem occurs but this solution is not possible (there is no ‘configuration’ in the menu when I right click similarly the graphics tweaking options within the cgame are very limited). Are there any possible fixes within Display in Control Panel (or elsewhere) that I might try?
The drivers I am using seem to be up to date.

Many thanks

  ulrich 19:34 10 Feb 2003

Which drivers and which DX?

  professor 19:36 10 Feb 2003

go to nvidia web site and download the latest drivers incase there is somthing wrong with the ones youve got ie installed incorrectly, damedged file. if tha doesnt work find out the name of the chip on your mainboard im assuming its going to be a VIA chipset go to via' website and download the chip ID drivers then uninstall your graphics card(making shure nothing is left to do with your graphics card)then install VIA ID drivers make shure you select standard mode for your video display whan you get the option then restart when prompted, after that reinstall the graphics card with thoughs new drivers and your problem should be fixed.

  ulrich 20:10 10 Feb 2003

I would get the 30.82 drivers,the 40.89 are for dx9,

  DieSse 20:53 10 Feb 2003

It could also be a memory problem on the graphics card - I've seen similar effects to this.

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