Graphics Cards Query

  Mike2002 10:55 30 Mar 2007

Can someone put me right about Graphics Cards.

I've just changed my Motherboard to an old MICRO-STAR, Model MS-6340(VT8363 (my previous Gigabyte failed owing to a build-up of dust).

The slots specifications are:

Slots One AGP(Accelerated Graphics Port) slot.
- AGP specification compliant
- Support AGP 2.0 1x/2x/4x One CNR(Communication Network Riser) slot. Three 32-bit Master PCI Bus slots. Supports 3.3v/5v PCI bus Interface.

Just two queries about the AGB slot;
Are the latest PCI Express cards backwards compatible with PCI?
Can I use a 8x card or only up to 4x?

  keef66 11:05 30 Mar 2007

No, PCI-express is not backwards compatible with PCI. As far as graphics cards are concerned, PCI came first, then AGP, then PCI-express

Your AGP 2.0 slot will take an 8x AGP card but it will only run at 4x speed, but don't worry, the difference is marginal.
(I have an 8x card in my 4x AGP slot on an ageing MSI mobo too)

  Mike2002 11:18 30 Mar 2007

Thanks very much, you supplied all I wanted to know.

  keef66 14:09 30 Mar 2007

you're welcome!

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