Graphics cards-larger memory versus higher spec.

  dagwoood 01:52 24 Jul 2004

I'm going to change my graphics card and was going to have a Radeon 9550 128MB. I then noticed for a little extra I could have the same card with 256MB.

The thing is, if I had a 9550 256MB card, I'm now in about the same price range as a Radeon 9600 128MB card.

What's the best route to go? A lower spec card with more onboard memory, or a better spec.card but with less memory? Will the trade off of having more onboard memory perform better than a card with less memory but a faster processor?

(As I understand it, the 9550 has the same processor as the 9600, but its been underclocked from 325Mhz to 250Mhz. So the actual difference in processing speed between the two cards is only 75Mhz).

Any advice welcome, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 11:27 24 Jul 2004


  Colin 12:05 24 Jul 2004

Dagwood, go for the faster card with 128MB RAM.
128 is easily sufficient at the moment. 256MB won't really be necessary for at least 12 months. If you can afford it, get a 9800 PRO 128MB. have them for £140.

  dagwoood 12:20 24 Jul 2004

Thanks for the advice Colin.

As to going for a 9800Pro, my budget has gone up from the £50 mark to around £70 and I wouldn't be able to justify with my other half going up to £140 ;-)

Cheers, dagwoood.

  vinnyT 12:36 24 Jul 2004

Like Colin says, go for the more powerful card, which you will, should you choose to, be able to overclock.

  fuzzyone 13:39 24 Jul 2004


This could be a card for you.
click here

  jonnytub 13:41 24 Jul 2004

very reasonable fuzzyone

  rickimalone 14:29 24 Jul 2004

Go with fuzzyone's link thats great value for money

  dagwoood 15:05 24 Jul 2004

Thank you for the help/advice guys.

Fuzzyone, thanks for that link. I'd looked on the ebuyer site but missed that one! The card I'd thought was great value was from Watford Electronics click here but the card on ebuyer, as per rickimalone, is realy good value for money. As it's got 256MB memory, it makes my original query about spec.versus performance a non starter :-)

Thanks again everyone, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 16:00 27 Jul 2004

The new card(Radeon 9600 256MB)arrived this afternoon, a day earlier than expected.

Installed and up and running with no problems.

Thanks to everyone for the advice, especialy fuzzyone for spotting this card for me.

Cheers, dagwoood.

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