Graphics Cards - Are they Repairable ?

  bremner 14:15 01 Jan 2004

Having spent many hours playing Call of Duty yesterday my son awoke this morning to a machine that would not produce a display.

Swapped his graphics card for an old one and everything OK.

Conclusion - his 18 month old Gainward GF4 Ti 4200 was now defective.

Is it possible for these cards to be repaired or is it the great AGP slot in the sky for this one?


Does the fan spin up when turned on?

What was the weather like for you stormy? Because there could be a chance that something happened to the card.... (Very long guess)

Tried the card in another machine?

  clayton 14:22 01 Jan 2004

I would ring Gainward & check that the graphics card doesnt have a 3 year warranty

click here

  ton 14:24 01 Jan 2004

It is possible for anything to be repaired BUT with the cost of labour £50-£100 an hour it needs to be a very expensive item to make it worth while.

You could try the makers as sometimes they are kind.

Have a look at click here for the cost of a new one.

  LastChip 14:27 01 Jan 2004

even if you could find someone with the knowledge and equipment required to fix the card, with present labour costs, it is unlikely to be viable.

  bremner 14:31 01 Jan 2004

Thanks for the comments.

My thought was that it would not be cost effective.

There was no electrical storms in our area last night and the fan does not spin up. The old replacement worked fine in the same AGP slot so I haven't tried the Gainward in another machine as yet.

U will try Gainward and check their warrant time. The card has been worked hard in it's life time although I am a little disappionted at 18 months.

  [email protected]@m 15:02 01 Jan 2004

Maybe the fan stopped first and caused overheating. You can feedback to Gainward click here

You never know!

  bremner 17:01 01 Jan 2004

I have tried the card in my machine and it worked!!.

Have put it back in the boys machine and it worked then stopped and is currently working again. It would seem likely that there is a loose conection somewhere. The AGP slot itself seems OK so it must be something on the card. Will have to see how long it works.

Thanks for the suggestions.

  DieSse 18:05 01 Jan 2004

It's more than likely a poor contact where it plugs in.

You could try taking it out and cleaning the edge connector (on the card) with alcohol and a sift cloth. Then put it back, but rock it gently in the slot a few times, before making sure it's finally fully pushed home AFTER you've done up the retaining screw.

Not an uncommon sort of problem.

  bremner 14:38 02 Jan 2004

Have now installed the problem card in my machine. after working for about 5 minutes the screen went blank and the monitor reported no signal.

Rebooted - no change.

Remade connections both internal and external as suggested by DieSse -no change.

Left the card for 3 hours - no change.

It is clearly an ex graphics card.

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