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  chris1234 01:55 06 May 2003

I'm looking to expand my graphics card on my AMD K6-2 500mhz with 3D Now. i want something, not too expensive (£50-£60 max) and with 32-64 megs on board (it's mainly for gaming!). Is this a silly idea or would it be worth doing?
Also i don't appear to have an AGP slot on my pc, so i'm probably looking at a Pci card?
Does any one either have any suggestions as to type of cards, or advice on what my computer could reasonably handle.

Thank you.

  hugh-265156 02:02 06 May 2003

try a pci version of ati 9000 64 or nvidia mx 440 cards click here click here can buy from all good computer outlets and online £50-£100 typical i use this click here and its great for the money and low end systems.

  hugh-265156 02:03 06 May 2003
  NEOSPHEAR 02:23 06 May 2003

If its gaming your pc is used for i would consider getting another m/board that has an AGP slot, you can get some good spec boards now for not alot at all, however if you have only got so much to spend it may be worth just waiting a little longer, let me give you an example of what you could get for £137.00 inc P&P

ECS K7S6A Skt A (SiS 745) ATX 3xDDR/5xPCI/1x AGP/With Audio
256MB DDR PC2100 RAM
Sapphire Radeon 9000 64MB DDR DVI TV-Out Retail

and the board will take upto a xp2000+

All of the items above i have used or currently do so if you like what you see check out Ebuyer.

  korkyB 08:48 06 May 2003

If its just the card you want to replace this should give your system a good wee boost click here .

  LastChip 09:01 06 May 2003

3D Prophet 4000XT 64MBt. It's as new, complete with box, manual, CD, and has been replaced through an up-grade.

If your interested, e-mail me please.

  citadel 18:57 06 May 2003

You will need a new computer fully tooled up to play the games that are due to come out. Games are asking for ever increasing system specs to ensure fast rate of play.

  tony777 20:36 06 May 2003

Quote//"Games are asking for ever increasing system specs to ensure fast rate of play"///

I have "Grand Prix 4" (Racing Sim), and this is what it says on the box: Min/Requirements PII 400, 64 MB Ram, Video:16 MB Direct 8.1 compatable. What it doesn't tell you on the box is the "Recommended" requirements (you have to open the box and find the read-me file for that). The specs above are replaced by PIII 733, 128 Ram, 16 MB Card. I can tell you that it won't even run on my PII 400, and people at click here have problems running it on 2000 Athlon Systems W/Geforce cards too (low Frame rates) My PIV 2.66/Radeon 9000 handles it well, but that is nearly 700% faster than the "Box" requirements!


  chris1234 22:19 06 May 2003

Thank you for everyone who has replied, it's given me food for thought. Cheers. after thinking about it and reading Tony 777's comments, i've decided to hold fire and rather than spending money on an expensive graphics card i will just upgrade my computer. sounds extreem, i know but any other way i would be wasting my money, i think.
The reason i was thinking of upgrading is because my onboard, built in, graphics card (a Trident Blade 3D i7) has mysteriously stoped working, i only have 16 or 2 colours availiable to me!
Does any one know how i can resolve this problem, as it is bugging me, everything looks like dots. i've tried downloading a driver, but i cant find the correct one.
i went on to the Motherboard chipset (VIA VT8501 Apollo MVP4) web page and i couldnt find anything.
When i try to update the driver on it using the web i get, "The publisher cannot be determined due to the problems below: The object to be verified is unknown to the Trust Provider."
Can anyone out there help, i'm realy stuck now.
Thank you.

  hugh-265156 22:26 06 May 2003

click here maybe

  chris1234 19:16 07 May 2003

Cheers for the advice.

I went on to the site and e-mailed them as i couldn't find the driver i requred.

We shell see!

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