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  BIGXXH 19:35 25 Nov 2009

Hi all

Please could somebody advise on what card i could put in my comp,i have a AMD Sempron2400+mother board and in there at the moment is a (Nvidia Mx 4000 graphics card)and i want to upgrade it not to play games and the like just to have a stable picture when i am watching streaming video such as the space shuttle and the like, at the moment it's all blurry and would like it to be a bit more clearer.

Thanks in Advance

  wee eddie 21:43 25 Nov 2009

With luck these are the ones you need click here

Second thing to do, is to check that your Screen and the Card are working at their optimum resolution.

Your card, once set up properly, should be capable of handling the Streaming Video from YouTube, etc.

  BIGXXH 10:55 26 Nov 2009

wee eddie

Thanks for the reply but i downloaded drivers and the problem still exsists the picture is all fussy and the refresh rate is slow, and how do i get the screen and the card to work at their optimum,but if you could put me onto a better card i would be very gratefull.


  wee eddie 11:24 26 Nov 2009

Is it only this Video or do all YouTube Downloads present themselves in this way?

What is your Internet connection?

  mrwoowoo 11:29 26 Nov 2009

I think wee eddie is on the right track.
If your streaming videos are blurry , it seems you don't have enough bandwidth.
If you really do feel that you need a graphics card, then this will be more than adequate.
click here

  BIGXXH 12:47 26 Nov 2009

Hi to all

wee eddie)

It happens on all streaming video my internet connection is 6.1Mbs per second so it seems to be the card will take (mrwoowoo) advice on which card to get so are you sure that my mother board can take that card.

Thanks to the both of you for your input to my problem BIGXXH

  mrwoowoo 01:55 27 Nov 2009

You don't say which motherboard you have. But as this card is an 8 x AGP like the Mx 4000 it's certain to be ok.

  BIGXXH 12:01 27 Nov 2009


My mother board is a AMD Sempron 2400+ is that ok for the card that you say i should get,

Thanks Again BIGXXH

  mrwoowoo 16:49 27 Nov 2009

I don't belive that's the name of your motherboard.
If you type in "dxdiag" after clicking on start and run it will tell you your motherboard next to system model.

  BIGXXH 11:13 28 Nov 2009

To mrwoowoo

All that it got next to system model is as follows

(KM400-8235)And then further up it has (system manufacturer MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL Co Ltd)so would that be the mother board and the manufacturer,and if so would that graphics card fit.



  mrwoowoo 16:23 28 Nov 2009

No problem.
That type of board has a standard x8 AGP slot, so that card will be fine.
click here
In fact any of these cards are fine.
click here
Just to complicate things..
There are some sites that provide low quality video, this may be perhaps be why the video looks blurry.
Videos are uploaded from users, so quality may be blurry from certain sites. Are all videos on all sites blurry? HD rated video should be fine.
If you go on IGN and watch a game trailer or a film trailer somewhere, are they still blurry?
If you give me a link to a blurry video i can see if i get the same reaction just to confirm it.

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