Graphics cards

  torpid 15:33 29 Nov 2005

Hello. Anyone know of any sites that test and compare graphics cards?

  Press Man 15:36 29 Nov 2005
  gudgulf 15:43 29 Nov 2005
  torpid 16:06 29 Nov 2005

Hello Gudulf- I dont know if you remember but i left a thread about problems playing games on my parents pc (graphics card is naff).
Until i can afford my own pc i have decided to upgrade my parnts pc's graphics card, and have found a couple of cheap ones, they are..
Radeon 9600pro 128mb
Gforce fx5200 256mb
I dont need them to be state of art or anything, but want them to do a job.
Which, in your opinion is better, or am i missing a better alternative?

  Totally-braindead 16:13 29 Nov 2005

The 9600 ATI card will blow the socks of the 5200, to be honest the 5200 is not much better than onboard graphics, I found a bit of a bargain yesterday a MSI 5600 its a good card equivalent to say the 9600 perhaps but its a brand name graphics card, I had this card for quite a while and its very good for the money, mine cost £130 at the time now click here= they also do the 5200 at about £5 cheaper but its not worth it.

  torpid 16:34 29 Nov 2005

Thanks for that braindead. Anymore advice anyone?

  GaT7 17:12 29 Nov 2005

You can get a secondhand Radeon 9700/9800 Pro (with 90-day warranty) from click here (ignore the 'SE' ones lower down). Both a better than the 9600 Pro.

Totally-braindead - I like that MSI nBox : ) G

  gudgulf 17:33 29 Nov 2005

And for a totally unbiased opinion from the owner of a 9600pro.......It's a lot better than the fx5200.

But Crossbow7 is correct...better still are the 9700/9800pro series.

The thing is....have you checked if there is an AGP slot on the motherboard?

Previous thread click here

You need to be sure about this!

  torpid 19:13 29 Nov 2005

~Thanks for the advice there, i'll check the manual if i can bloomin find it!

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