Rodney-211388 14:45 06 Sep 2005

I have just taken delivery of a new graphics card, Sapphire Radeon 9559 - but it doesn't fit!

The old card has three tab connectors; the new one has two - one longer than the other.

Obviously I have messed up - what sort of connector should I be looking for?

Any recommendations for type of card? - I am not a gamer; just want a bog standard card which will, ideally, support digital output.

  unbent 17:18 06 Sep 2005

how old is ur computer? i think the 3 tab connector is the old agpx4 connection, those cards are few and far between now...agp x8 is now becoming extinct with the use of new pci extreme cards coming out...all of these cards have different connectors..
best thing to to take ur old graphics card into a pc shop an ask for ur not goin for games u shud go for an old card...always check the spec for agp x4 (very old card), x8 (recent) or pci-e (brand new)!!!

  GaT7 17:29 06 Sep 2005

The Sapphire Radeon 9550 is both 4x & 8x compliant click here.

Does your motherboard have an AGP slot, & are you installing it in there? If on the other hand your motherboard has no AGP slot or a PCI-Express slot, the Sapphire Radeon 9550, being AGP, won't fit. G

  GaT7 17:37 06 Sep 2005

Download & install one of these two programs click here or
click here, & run them.

They will tell you the make & model number of your motherboard. Let us know this info. Your motherboard may only be AGP 2x capable, & so it may not take an AGP 4x/8x card, which the 9550 is. G

  GaT7 17:39 06 Sep 2005

If my 2nd link doesn't work try click here. G

  Rodney-211388 21:28 06 Sep 2005

Thanks guys! My old PC is obviously AGPx4.

The Radeon card is only AGPx8 compliant based upon the comments on the box and despite Crossbow's link above.

I will bin that card and off to PC World in the morning to see what they can offer; then maybe a new PC!

  GaT7 21:55 06 Sep 2005

The 3rd tab is 2x click here (taken from my motherboard manual). So your motherboard could be 2x/4x only.

"I will bin that card..." - you don't really mean that, do you?! Being new, you could return it for a refund, give it away to someone who has a less powerful card, or flog it on Ebay ; ) G

  o44wen 21:55 06 Sep 2005

bin the card?!?!

you mustr have money to burn, you can send it to me if you wish ;)

  gudgulf 22:02 06 Sep 2005

Have look at click here and compare with the slot on your motherboard.

If the old graphics card has three tabs/two cutaways on it then the chances are it is a 2x/4x AGP compatible card.If the new card wont fit then that suggests to me that your motherboard might be AGP2X.Modern cards are AGP4x/8X compatible(ALL AGP8 cards will run in an AGP4x slot) but wont fit an AGP 2x board.As Crossbow7 states,let us know the motherboared details......any card you buy will be AGP 8x/4x compatible and wont fit if your motherboard is AGP2x.

If your board *is* AGP 2x then you will struggle to find a graphics card to fit.

  Rodney-211388 22:40 06 Sep 2005

Sorry guys! - I didn't really mean that I would chuck the new card.

I have an old Gateway PC and from what you have all said, it is AGP2x with three tabs.

So, the outlook is not good; however, I have another newer PC into which the new board will fit and the old card from that machine has three tabs. Looks like I may be able to swap them over but having tried that, the newer machine was not happy with the Radeon card - so, I am surrounded with bits and will continue with my canabalisation efforts.

  GaT7 23:12 06 Sep 2005

"...the newer machine was not happy with the Radeon card.." - did you uninstall the drivers of the previous card & try the latest Catalyst drivers for the Radeon in the newer machine click here. G

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