graphics cards

  polish 17:41 16 Mar 2004

is it possible to but a decent graphics card below £100 or even better £80 iam currently using
a nvidia msi mx420 64mb

  JerryJay 17:46 16 Mar 2004

Why you need to change it? For games? A decent ATI 9600 card (128MB) with Direct X support can be bought around £80.

  JerryJay 17:51 16 Mar 2004

Sapphire ATI Radeon 9600 128MB DDR TV-Out/DVI - Lite Retail (GX-025-SP) £73 from click here

PowerColor/Mediamax Radeon 9600 Pro EZ 128MB (GX-013-PC)
£78.67 click here

Connect3D ATI Radeon 9600XT 128MB & Half Life 2 Bundle - Retail (GX-018-CO) £108 click here

Connect3D ATI Radeon 9600 128MB DVI-I/TV-OUT - Retail (GX-010-CO) £82 click here

  JerryJay 17:53 16 Mar 2004

You can also find cheaper in ebuyer click here

If someone want to spend over £100 graphics card for game, it maybe better to get a playstation 2.

  goonerbill 18:16 16 Mar 2004


whats wrong with spending over £100 on graphics card. got geforce fx 5900 for £170 and not the xt cut down version and games look great and also have the power for other graphic intensive programs.

wouldn't touch ps2 for games either, xbox better and got one of them.


click here

heres link to site that compaired all graphics cards, so you can see how they compaire against each other when you decide which card you like

  JerryJay 18:17 16 Mar 2004

Even with latest graphics card, plastion 2 still batter than pc games.

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