Graphics card and working with photos

  questions4u 09:08 16 Jul 2010

I have a 10megapixal camera and viewing the photos takes a copule of seconds for each one to get sharp. Would a better graphics card speed this process up. At present I have an Nvidia geforce FX5200 purchsed in 2004. Cheers

  Chris_Byers 09:12 16 Jul 2010

The graphic card would have very little to do with this to be honest. The processor would handle the 'flat' image on your screen outputted via the graphics card. Graphic cards mainly handle 3d grahics, say, in games, video processing and increasingly other processes offloaded from the CPU. The slowness in getting the image on your screen is most likely down to slow disks, processor or lack of RAM. I'd look there first when it comes to upgrades.

  woodchip 09:15 16 Jul 2010

CPU and Memory are things that will render the picture faster or slower, depending on what your PC as in it, as most graphics cards are fast enough for photos, even onboard graphics

  hssutton 09:19 16 Jul 2010

As Chris says, the graphics card will not be a problem. Any slowness will be down to lack of memory.

I have a basic card in my PC, but it processes 130mb tiff files from my 18mp camera almost instantaneously

  Chris_Byers 09:22 16 Jul 2010

I should have also added that if you are displaying the pictures direct from the camera, it will take a short time to rended as the image has to come down a reletively slow USB connection. If you first transfer the pictures to your PC then view them it should improve matters.

  questions4u 09:32 16 Jul 2010

Thanks guys. I have a 3gb processor with loads of free disk space and 5MB ram which I thought would have been more than adequate. Any advice for software I can run to clean the pc and make it faster?

  Chris_Byers 09:41 16 Jul 2010

CCleaner (click here) is a wonderful (and free) cleaning app.

  Chris_Byers 09:43 16 Jul 2010

As I said earlier, if you are trying the browse the pictures on your PC directly from the camera then they will be slow to render. They will be slow on anybodies computer if viewed like that.
Oh, and a 5 year old 3Ghz processor is a LOT slower than a modern 3Ghz processor.

  Woolwell 10:23 16 Jul 2010

Are you sure that is the amount of RAM? Even allowing for GB instead of Mb 5 is an unusual figure. What is your OS? I guess it is using XP 32 bit in which case not much more than 3 Gb of RAM will be used. How old is the processor?

  Armchair 10:37 16 Jul 2010

"3gb processor"

"5MB ram"

I think you're getting mixed up.

  questions4u 12:18 16 Jul 2010

Youre right I am getting mixed up! I have just checked and I have a 3Ghz processor and 3.5GB ram(it came with 512mb and I filled the remaining slots with another 3Gb). I have used C cleaner, adaware and spybot but things are so much slower than they used to be. Oh and the camera is diconected and I am viewing photos fron the hard drive. has anybody got anything else that might help? Thanks

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