Graphics card won't install - any ideas - I need ?

  pooch2001 09:19 30 Dec 2005

Here's the story. (sorry for the length)

I have a Dell Dimension 2400 (Celeron) running XP pro

I want to play AOE 3 so I need a grahics card.

I've bought a Club 3D Radeon 9250 PCI 128MB (brand new sealed) thinking that this would be OK. Bigger memory than I need and PCI so it will be compatible. (HT&L support too)

So far I can't get it to install. After a couple of posts here and 90mins with the Dell Tech Support, still no joy. After trying several things they concluded the the card MAY NOT be compatible. (MAY NOT - you'd think they would know)


I've tried the card in two different slots, I've installed and re-installed the drivers (including downloading the very latest ones from the ATI website). I've gotten into the Bios (eventually) but it says the VGA control is set to auto (the two options being Auto and Onboard) so it shouldn't be that I assume.

In device manager it looks like the card is installed, showing the onboard and the two Radeon outputs (card can support dual monitors). In properties all three screen are listed but the two radeon one's are set to the lowest possible resolution and you can't change them. Plus, there is supposed to be a whole set of ATI options when you click on the advanced tab, but they're not there. Also when you click on the driver button it lists a Microsoft driver not ATI and the message states the 'driver is not working or not needed for this device' (that's not right I assume)

If I hook up a screen to the new card and restart I see the Dell logo and the Windows XP start screen and progress bar and then everything goes black.


Any Ideas?

Is this card just not compatible? If so, has anyone successfully installed an after market card in a Dell Dimension 2400?

Am I doing something wrong on installation?

Could it be the power supply?

Is the software messed up?

Might the card be faulty?

Or any other thoughts?

Help please...I'm now baffled.

  john-231489 09:43 30 Dec 2005

Just a minor thought. Some time ago I had a similar problem with a motherboard that had a VIA chipset. For some reason the early motherboard drivers were not stable. I downloaded the latest drivers from the website and immediately my computer recognized the graphics card.

Hope this helps

  Totally-braindead 11:24 30 Dec 2005

Have you tried deleting the old drivers prior to installing the new card and its drivers? The other thing is I too had trouble with an ATI card and a VIA board so I would see what chipset the board is as it is possible this may be the problem. Incidently got a Nvidia card to replace the ATI one and it worked perfectly. Not 100% sure it was the VIA chipset that caused this but a different card did sort it for me.

  007al 11:40 30 Dec 2005

You need to uninstall the onboard driver,then turn off pc and unplug it.Add the card and insert the driver disc when you are prompted.Better to download the latest drivers and use these.The ones on the disc will be old.It sounds like windows is using the drivers for your onboard,as in your bios saying auto,it will use whats detected.

  pooch2001 11:56 30 Dec 2005

The Dell forum suggests turning off the onboard graphics in device manager, but I'm worried I will have no display at all if the new card doesn't work.

Will I be able to have a display of some sort to turn the on board back on if the new card doesn't work?

The Dell forum also suggests using an FX5500 rather than Radeon. I may have to do this if all else fails.

  bremner 12:04 30 Dec 2005

You should be able to turn the onboard graphics on and off in the BIOS.

You are very very unlikely to get the add on card working whilst the onboard graphics are enabled.

  pooch2001 12:16 30 Dec 2005

Graphics are set to Auto in bios. There is no off. Just Auto or onboard.

  Methedrine 12:21 30 Dec 2005

Check your motherboard manual. There may a set of jumpers that will allow you to turn onboard graphics on and off.

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