Graphics card will not fit into motherboard

  dnjl 17:46 15 Mar 2007

Have a Santiago P5S800 vm Motherboard in a Packard Bell PC. We just want to play "World of Warcraft" - beginners at this.
We were told that a nVidia 1700 GS 250gb would do the job, but it will not fit in the board slot. It's about 1/4 inch too long and the space in the gold pins is at the wrong end - so will not connect in at all. Help please.

  rodriguez 17:52 15 Mar 2007

You might have the PCI-Express version and are trying to insert it in an AGP slot or vice versa. If your board takes AGP (it will say in the manual) you need to use AGP cards, if it takes PCI-E you have to use PCI-E cards. The difference is that AGP is older technology and PCI-E is faster and can run games smoother.

  brundle 17:52 15 Mar 2007

Your card and board need to have the same connector;
this is `old` AGP socket ; click here
this is the new PCI-E socket ; click here

Change the card for one that has the correct connector.

  Belatucadrus 17:57 15 Mar 2007

click here Looks as if the board has an AGP graphics socket, so rodriguez thought that you may be trying to install a PCI express card seems likely.

  dnjl 16:10 18 Mar 2007

Thanks for help so far. We find we have an AGP socket and have onboard graphics with the Motherboard P5S800 Santiago.
So we have exchanged the graphics card we bought from CCL and now have Geforce 6200 Low profile 256Mb. It fits into brown slot OK but

reading "Quick installation Guide" It advises to disable onboard graphics controller either by jumper on the mainboard or by changing graphics adapter priority in the BIOS, CMOS or hardware
set up....

Help is need with this please. Really do not understand. Thought you just had to put the card in the slot..

  Legolas 16:16 18 Mar 2007

if you have the m/b manual this will tell you how to access the BIOS and disable the onboard graphics. The problem is that your system will still want to work of the onboard graphics hence the need to disable them.

  citadel 16:23 18 Mar 2007

I would try installing the card as most motherboards auto disable onboard graphics when you restart the pc after installing the card. new hardware wizard will start and windows will ask for the driver, you can use the one on the cd that came with the card.

  dnjl 20:49 18 Mar 2007

Have tried that but computer strats up and closes before anything has come on to screen.

  dnjl 20:52 18 Mar 2007

Do not have a m/b manual - have looked on web but to no avail so far. Any ideas?

  woodchip 20:55 18 Mar 2007

Fit the New Card and load the software for it. Then Go to Device Manager check to see how many Addapter card are showing. If you see more than one you can disable the old one there by putting a tick in the box to disable it

  woodchip 20:56 18 Mar 2007

PS you should remove the Mains Wall plug before fitting the card

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