Graphics card upgrade & Frame Rates

  Antz 21:29 18 Jun 2003

I have just received my eagerly awaited nVidia geforce 4 mx440 video card with 64Mb ddr Ram, 4x AGP. I decided to upgrade from my old TNT2 (32Mb) card because there was too much stuttering and stalling in my favourite game, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. Can you imagine my disgust when I installed the card and very latest drivers to find there was absolutley no difference in frame rates or quality..............I mean none whatsoever. Given that this game was released before this card was developed I would expect a lot better than this. Does anybody have an idea what is going on here. My system is a pIII 866Mhz, 256Mb Ram, 40Gb 7200rpm HDD, Soundblaster 128 pci card and the card mentioned above. All unneccessary programs are shut down and when I run Task Manager ( windows XP ) I am generally within my 256 Mb memory limits ( with the game running).....In Addition PNY'S website informed me after scanning my P.C that I would expect at least 300% performance increase by upgrading to this card!! Any similar experiences or any suggestions are really welcome....Anthony

  Sion 21:45 18 Jun 2003

Have u downloaded and installed the latest drivers from Nvidia's website? click here You may want to check if the old drivers for your TNT card are actually off your system, and not conflicting with your new card.

  Jomi 21:50 18 Jun 2003

Same game, same original card, same upgrade, same result (though I now have a Radeon 9500 128mb ddr).
I think that like me you've been mislead by the Geforce 4 name, you expect it to be an improvement on the geforce 3 but it isn't.
When I bought mine I was told to expect a 150% improvement.

I bought the PCI version because at the time I had no AGP slot, I assumed the problem was the PCI 'bottleneck' effect, obviously there's more to it than that.

Flightsim is VERY demanding on your card and CPU, I expect you now realise why the mx440 is cheap, I sold mine at a loss, and started buying pc advisor for some reviews!!!

The difference on benchmark tests between the TNT2 and my new Radeon 9500 are enormous but I don't see huge differences in flightsim 2002!
For example with all of the sliders set to max and a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 at 16 bit I get about 9fps at Meigs in daylight in spot view looking past the cessna 172 towards the city. With multitexturing switched off I get a bit of a jump to 15fps.
It's definitely a better card (9500) but there's not the huge jump I expected.

I realise you're hoping for a 'fix' for your card but I think you'll have to get something better, good luck though.

  DieSse 21:59 18 Jun 2003

I think your processor is the bottleneck, so you are not getting the advantage of the extra graphics power.

I have a friend with a P4 2.4GHz and we have just upgraded him from a GeF4 MX440 to a GeF4 Ti4200 - and the improvement is very significant.

  DieSse 22:01 18 Jun 2003

PS - just to confirm, I mean the improvement in FS2002.

  Jomi 22:15 18 Jun 2003

I don't think so Diesse (though I'm by no means certain). When I upgraded from the TNT2 to the MX440 I had an Athlon 1.3ghz. Not only was there no improvement but the scenery loading got worse so I found myself flying over blurred areas!
Remember Antz hasn't upgraded to the Ti4200 he's upgraded to the MX 440.

When I read the benchmark tests at Toms hardware cabin the GEF4 MX440 didn't do well, I think it's a totally different ball game to the Ti's.

  Sion 22:24 18 Jun 2003

The MX440 is not a great card by any means, but it should be pummelling a TNT card into the dust on paper. Then again, flight sims tend to be more CPU intensive than most games.

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