Graphics Card Upgrade Advice

  RobCharles1981 13:34 31 Jan 2007

So Far I have decided on this motherboard
click here

And an external Hard Drive if possible
To use with Acronis
click here

Im not sure what graphics card to choose from thou i'm looking at:

click here


click here

Any Recomendations would be great



  Totally-braindead 13:43 31 Jan 2007

Theres a huge difference between the two cards as I'm sure you realise, it all depends on what you want to do with it, even the cheaper card will be capable of playing games if thats what you're after.
Regarding the motherboard, I think its a mistake, socket 939 is what I have and theres not a lot of processors about for it. You'd be better of with an AM2 board if you're looking at future proofing it and for availability of processors. If you already have a processor for it then fair enough but if you're buying one do not buy a socket 939 one.

  RobCharles1981 14:02 31 Jan 2007

Hi Mate

To Cut a long story short, in recent threads I have posted, I had a problem with Psu and Mobo, The psu was I think was causing the whole hose to trip the switch so that has gone back to Ebuyer for a Direct Replacement, The mobo however, is the sister version to what I have got
this is my mobo right now click here and its causing a fault by not switching on at the front of the pc. And by basicaly switching on the computer with the PSU its narrowing the life of the psu.

I don't know what to do at the moment thou, what do you think?


  Totally-braindead 14:26 31 Jan 2007

I presume the processor is one you have out of this board and you just seek a new board to put it on. In which case the board you have selected is good in that it supports SATA and has PCI Express as well as RAID. I also presume your existing board is out of warranty in which case it is a good replacement as long as you do bear in mind that in the future you will have limited upgrade potential in that there are few socket 939 processors.
I'm not sure about the graphics cards. I have a 7600GS and its nothing like as good as the ones you linked to but it plays everything so far, I would be hesitant at spending nearly £300 on a graphics card and therefore would be more likely to choose the cheaper ATI card. Its still a lot better than mine.

  andrew-196854 14:41 31 Jan 2007

my advice on the 2 graphic cards would be that it depends if you going use windows xp or windows vista. as the 8800 gts has direct x 10 support that comes with vista, this would make use of direct x 10 games such as crysis i don t know of any more . but if you intend on using windows xp for a while then i would choose the Sapphire ATI Radeon X1950 XT.

  RobCharles1981 14:51 31 Jan 2007

Thanks Totally-braindead

Your right

The Current CPU I have at the moment is the AMD 64 3800 (2.4 Gig) and 2 Gig of Ram 3200 and 400 Speed. When do the Socket 939's Die Out? Is it worth going AM2 on this ocation?? Cause I have had this Board for about nearly 4 -5 years now.



  Totally-braindead 15:35 31 Jan 2007

Socket 939 has not died yet but nearly. Look for yourself at any of the online retailers for 939 processors and you will see there are few 939s. Most are now AM2. Personally I would try to sell the 3800 and get a AM2 dual core but it really depends on whether you wish to keep this PC for a long time and just upgrade it.
If you're happy with it and do not forsee any reason to upgrade for a couple of years at least then just go with what you have. But if you are a bit of a gamer then it means you will probably want a faster processor etc and that means you would be better with a new AM2 processor.
I have to point out that the Intel Dual processors are cheaper and if I was getting a new system I would be giving serious consideration to an Intel based system with dual core as they are cheaper than AMD. Which surprises me as it was always AMD that gave you more for your money.
Regarding the graphics I think dibblydufuss has made a valid point which I did not consider. If buying a new graphics card now I would consider it prudent to look at a Direct X10 card. But there must be some cheaper than the £300 card you mentioned as I would really have a problem justifying that.
In a way I'm sorry to have posted as you had pretty much decided what you want and here I am putting you back to the beginning again.
You could of course just buy the new board and a reasonable card, run that for a year or so and then see whats happening. I must admit I would consider that as an option.
In a years time a lot of the parts you look at now will be either replaced with newer better models or will be significantly cheaper. As an example my PCI Express card was £130 and you can now get it for £80.
Since you have the processor and its fast enough for anything out there at the moment I would get the board you looked at and the ATI card. Even if you sold it in a years time and bought a new system you should get at least that amount back if not a bit more.

  Totally-braindead 15:40 31 Jan 2007

Sorry but just looking back on what I posted I can see I've changed my mind. At the start I thought selling the processor and buying a new system was best and at the end I thought keeping what you have adding a new board and graphics was best.
You've got me confused as well.
Had a think and if I was you I'd get the board and think about an all new replacement in a year or two or getting a dual core 939 in a year or two. Thats what I would do.
I presume your windows is a full version and not OEM because if it is OEM it will not accept the new board.

  RobCharles1981 15:51 31 Jan 2007

Good Point there mate I must say, the computer is fast enough for the moment, I might as well just do what I said first off to get that PCI-E Mobo, and the ATI Card and look to sell the parts at a later date and that Gforce card didn't seem to have the specs as did the ATI Card for around £170 I cant go wrong!

Maybe Ile have a look later to see how much an AM2 Setup would cost.

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