Graphics Card upgrade advice??

  donki 13:02 18 Oct 2006

Ok I have a Dual Core AMD 4400 with 2GB RAM and a EVGA 7800GT gfxz card. I have come into a little money and was thinken about adding to the graphics, the options I have come up with are:

1. Bout another EVGA 7800GT for £100 and run in SLI
2. Sell my 7800GT and up grade to a 7900GTO again id be out aound £100
3. Wait and buy one of the more exspensive new GeForce cards which i know absolutely nothing about.

Im a Nvidia guy so dont fancy changing to ATI without good reason.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

  [email protected] 13:24 18 Oct 2006

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"... ;-)
Very personal taste. With the specs you have and your mobo obviously supports it, I would run 2 VGA's in SLI. Perhaps the question is which VGA's ?
You will get good advice click here This forum is is predominately for Gamers/Builders and Nvidia geeks.

  Mytob 13:27 18 Oct 2006

Dont see the point in upgrading with them specs! Sort of thing id kill for what u got lol! SLI is ment to be quite good and may well give you more performance than upgrading to the 7900 and may well save you money. Seriously what are you playing on this thing to require more power! Not sure what is going to happen when Directx 10 comes out and if these cards will be compatible. My preferance would be wait until vista shows up and see what you will need for that. Any case as vista is such a hog on sys reqs they may well be releasing cards with more ram to them around release time. Just summin to tnk bout :).

  donki 13:33 18 Oct 2006

I run everything fine, just i came into some money and rather than flitter it away was thinken of upgrating? So you would hold off till i need to, keep the cash under the bed.

Well i can get the same card i have for about £120?

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