graphics card upgrade

  unclesam 23:16 21 Feb 2003

Im looking to upgrade my graphics card ....
my pc is.... PIII 450mhz
448mb pc100 SDRAM
16mb nvidia tnt graphics
intel 440bx chipset 2*AGP
win XP
can anyone please advise me whats best to do, i dont want to spend a fortune but would like to play online games at a decent frame rate (sometimes less than 20 now!!!) I have ADSL so pings are low, but my cards a bit too slow.
I want to eventually have 2 pcs to network so also dont want to upgrade my cpu. It would just be nice to prolong its useful life
What does anyone think of the 7500 card on this link.... click here ....
and will it work ok with my pc???

  _Treb_ 23:38 21 Feb 2003

I got an ATI Radeon 9000 128 meg for around £85.00 can't fault it

  unclesam 13:53 23 Feb 2003

the ATI Radeon 9000 128mb looks good ........ but does anyone know if it would be too much for my machine??? I,ve read that it can actually slow you down ...thats why i was looking at the ATI 7500 64mb card in my linkclick here what does anyone think ???

  unclesam 15:13 23 Feb 2003

not much of a forum if nobody replies....somebody take the time to look please

  tenor 15:20 23 Feb 2003

Forget the 9000. if you have agp go for gforce 4mmx440.much cheaper,faster and better drivers.

  tenor 15:21 23 Feb 2003

Tell us your mobo,will check compat.

  unclesam 15:24 23 Feb 2003

mobo has an intel 440bx chipset ....its a dell pc and it takes AGP*2 i think , or can you alter that in the bios??? I have an option for video memory 64mb or 256mb ...... but im unsure of what it will change

  tenor 15:26 23 Feb 2003

back in 5

  tenor 15:32 23 Feb 2003

looks like your mobo only supports x2 agp but not important.still go for is compatible.If you are on a tight budget the gf2 will improve your graphics out of all recognition at very low cost.

  AndySD 15:33 23 Feb 2003

My Girlfriends son has a 440 bx chipset with a 450 pentium and he put a gforce 4mmx440 in it last month..... works a dream.

  unclesam 15:34 23 Feb 2003

thank you ...any idea where is a good place to buy one ?? and also did you check my link to the crucial card its the 7500 and is only £45 inc vat and del

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