Graphics Card Upgrade

  CraigyLFC5 02:07 20 Aug 2010

Sorry i just copied and pasted this to the wrong part of the forum so here goes:

I am new to these forums and i am in need of help.I want to upgrade my graphics card for gaming here is some information about my motherboard, PSU and current graphics card:
Manufacturer: MSI
Motherboard Name: MS-7093
Compaq motherboard name: Ahi-UL6E
AC input voltage (47-63Hz):

DC output wattage: 300 Watts
Current Graphics card:
ATI Radeon X300SE
128MB DDR memory
PCI-E (Express) interface
I/O Ports: VGA, Composite, S-Video


click here

click here

Thats all i can think off, my computer is fairy old.
Iv'e been looking on at graphics cards but i'm confused with all the figures, it would be great if someone could point me in the right direction or show me some graphics cards that my PC can handle.
Basically i want to know what graphics cards my motherboard will support.

Thanks in advance

  Kevscar1 06:40 20 Aug 2010

First you need to tell us if it is Ahi = Only accepts ATI video or Ahi2 = Accepts ATI and nVidia video

  gengiscant 11:59 20 Aug 2010

What make and model PC?

  CraigyLFC5 15:07 20 Aug 2010

Kevscar i'm not sure if this answers your question but in the motherboard name it says "ahi":

Manufacturer: MSI
Motherboard Name: MS-7093
Compaq motherboard name: Ahi-UL6E

and gengiscant my computer is:

Compaq Presario SR1340UK

to be honest i don't want my PC for new games like battlefield bad company 2, more like older games such as battlefield 2142, Counter Striker: Source and possibly world of warcraft.. hope this answers your questions.

  gengiscant 15:37 20 Aug 2010

Your pc specs here click here

Only a 300watt power supply, which is not to great.
Your motherboard here

  CraigyLFC5 15:42 20 Aug 2010

Ah now were getting somewhere what i want to know though is when i'm looking at a graphics card on the internet such as this one here:

click here

how do i know if it will be compatible with my computer because i can't find how many watts it uses up and i'm confused with these "cores" such as "80 cores" & "400 cores"

  gengiscant 15:57 20 Aug 2010

I really think that you will need to up your PSU before you stick in another card.

  CraigyLFC5 16:05 20 Aug 2010

i'm looking to upgrade to a 512 graphics card how will i know if it's compatible with my motherboard, i know it has to be ati but can't see anything about watts in the graphic cards i'm looking at.
How much is a PSU going to cost also could i just buy any PSU or has it got to be a specific type

  gengiscant 17:09 20 Aug 2010

As long as the card is PCI-E it will fit your board.
As for the PSU, something like this click here
With this you can upgrade your card again later if you want.
How to fit PSU click here
How to fit new graphics card click here

  CraigyLFC5 17:37 20 Aug 2010

Thanks thats very useful what would i be looking for in a PSU besides higher the watts the better

  gengiscant 18:45 20 Aug 2010

Nothing, they are pretty much standard.
The better quality PSU's which can cost nearly a £100 can be modular,which means that the cables are seperate from the PSU and you only need to plug in the ones you need.

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