Graphics Card Upgrade

  mikeystipe 17:40 21 Feb 2008

I have a system with 1GB of RAM
An ASUS A7V400-MX Motherboard with onboard graphics.

I have a free 4x AGP slot free.

I know this is quite old hat now but if anybody can recommend a decent card to upgrade to I'd be very grateful.

I'm assuming I can't use an 8x AGP card without some sort of performance hit?

Thanks in advance

  Totally-braindead 19:04 21 Feb 2008

There would be a performance hit but not as much as you think so I'd ignore it. Can I ask what processor you have and also what you want to be able to do with it? Gaming for example, the reason I ask is theres no point spending a huge amount on a card if you don't have to.

Oh and a budget of course.

  mikeystipe 17:05 22 Feb 2008


Processor is an AMD Sempron 2400+ 1.66Ghz so nothing fancy.

Would like to play Games on it but doesn't have to be cutting edge! (I know it's nowhere near)

I've seen cards from £20 upwards. Certainly wouldn't want to spend over £100 but the cheaper the better as long as it's going to work.

If I'm going to end up spending loads I'd rather wait 6 months and invest in a new PC.

  Armchair 21:10 22 Feb 2008
  Armchair 21:16 22 Feb 2008

Or this, maybe:-

click here

Problem is, once it's below £50, you have to pay a delivery charge............

  Armchair 21:21 22 Feb 2008

Actually, given that weak CPU you have, the 7600GT would be as good a match as anything else available, imo.

  Totally-braindead 11:13 24 Feb 2008

Bearing in mind your rather poor processor and also that your next PC will have PCI Express and therefore any card you buy now will have to stay with the old PC I think the 7600GT is a good suggestion. Theres no point spending more.

  mikeystipe 18:02 24 Feb 2008

Thanks, Guys.

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