graphics card upgrade

  BODS 09:03 19 Feb 2006

hi,can anyone recommend a graphic card upgrade for my ageing pc. pc has ecs-k75sa mobo with a inno3D-tornado geforce 2mx-64mb agp card (think agp-4)WHAT IS THE BEST/MAX AGP CARD CAN I USE WITH THIS MOTHERBOARD

  Harpur 11:15 19 Feb 2006

most modern cards on the agp range are 8x. but this is irrelevant to you as they will only run at the maximum your port allows. however you can still upgrade to a better one if you wish, you just won't harness all the power.

before any recommendation are made you need to post a few more specs as the cards may not operate in you computer.

let us know

  Gongoozler 11:22 19 Feb 2006

Hi BODS. I don't think you really want the BEST graphics card for your computer, that could be very expensive, what you really want is the best graphics card for your intended purpose. Can you also tell us what processor you have, what your maximum budget is, and how much RAM you have in your computer. You may also need a new power supply if you install a very powerful graphics card.

  Totally-braindead 11:25 19 Feb 2006

Agree with Harpur, what we need to know are how fast is your processor, how much memory you have, how much you are willing to spend and what sort of games typically do you wish to play on it. And what rating is your power supply because a lot of the more modern graphics cards also need to take power from the power supply.

There is no point in use telling you to buy a £200 graphics card if you can't afford it and the computer can't use it.

  BODS 11:29 19 Feb 2006


  Gongoozler 11:33 19 Feb 2006

Hi BODS. Try not to use capitals, it makes your post hard to read, and is equivalent to shouting.

Your present card is good for games, but spending more money will get you faster frame rates at higher resolution. You can spend £500 and over on graphics cards, which is why I asked what your budget is.

  Totally-braindead 11:35 19 Feb 2006

It doesn't bother me but using capitals is defined as shouting and some object to it so don't write all in capitals. For a cheap upgrade may I suggest this click here= FX5600 ultra very good card cost over the £120 mark when it first came out, you will need to check your power supply though, I can't remember if this card needs extra power as well.

  Harpur 12:40 19 Feb 2006

you could also try the Club 3D Nvidia 6600 256MB DDR AGP 128bit DVI, Tv-Out, from click here

at £79.00 inc vat its not a bad looking card for your machine

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