Graphics Card Upgrade

  Mr Confused 15:16 11 Nov 2005

I currently have a GeForce FX5500 128Mb graphics card installed on my computer (which came as standard on my Dell computer about 2 years ago). I am now at a stage where I'm looking to upgrade it so that graphics will look and run more smoothly particulary on today's graphical intensive games.

Having looked on a few websites and seeing that they range from about £30 - £1000 in price, I am confused as to what differentiates one graphics card from another. I had always just assumed that the higher the Mb's, the better the card would be but I have since found out that this is not the case. Can someone advise me on what I should be looking for when comparing graphics card and what an average spec is by today's standard?

I am looking to get an APG card with a spec as high as possible with a budget of no more than £75. Can anyone recommend a card?

  bremner 16:11 11 Nov 2005

You would notice a marked improvemnet with this card click here

  GaT7 16:43 11 Nov 2005

I'd suggest a refurbished (90-day warranty) ATI Radeon 9800 Pro from click here. For total, add about £7-8 for delivery to the VAT price.

Or, the same card from eBay click here.

Article/benchmarks: click here. G

  citadel 19:16 11 Nov 2005

a 6600gt will be good and can play all new games well, plus it does the new shaders etc that make new games look good.

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