Graphics card trouble

  etakivy 22:16 17 Oct 2004

Hi there,

I was wondering whether anybody could help me with this as I am completely clueless when it comes to computers....

I bought an Advent 2000 computer almost 2 years ago now and have been looking to buy a graphics card for it. However, after my equally clueless boyfriend bought one over the internet we found that the standard ones are too big and we need a "half height" one or something. Found some on sale on Ebay in the states but they will not ship to the UK.

Does anybody know what I should do?? Went into PC World yesterday as that is where I got the computer from but they sell only standard graphics cards which is useful!

I really would be grateful for any advice given!

Many Thanks


  kev.Ifty 22:31 17 Oct 2004

This Graphics card thats too big. Is that because you can't get your lid back on?


Because in don't fit in the slot that the old one came out of?

If it's the latter. try to fit it in another slot in your Mother board.

Don't worry about any lack of knowledge were all as daft as each other here.

Cheers Kev. ;-)

  PsiFox 11:03 18 Oct 2004

Can you give us the model of your advent pc and whether laptop or desktop? What model GFX card do you currently have?

Was it new when you bought it as very few 2 year old desktop pc's would be using half height gfx cards these days?

Also it would help to know if it is a AGP gfx or AGP?
Easy way to tell AGP would be in a dark connector to the motherboard and would be at the top of the column of connectors where cards are placed in the pc. PCI connects through a white slot below this.


  stuntmaster 11:10 18 Oct 2004

i take it that the pc is a "small Form factor" type, as in small, these would need a Half Height cards, which have a smaller PCI Plate/ AGP Plate and are exactly the same as normal AGP Cards, but are lierally half the height.

click here has half height Ge-Force Fx5200's and above in half height they will also ship to the uk, via the uk site.

hope this helps


  JonnyTub 11:10 18 Oct 2004

You need a low profile graphics card of which they are plenty available, what's your budget?

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