Graphics card replacement

  iguana 11:51 11 Aug 2005

Following helproom help, it seems the radeon 9250 graphics chip/256 mb on 8 mth old pc is faulty, however guess what - Yep its a tiny (2nd in Top 10 super budget pc's Feb 05)So not a lot of chance of getting it fixed within reasonable time/at all. So have decided we will have to get a new AGP graphics card and DIY. Seen student86 posting, we are also looking for sub £100 good basic graphics just to replace with similar to original not to fussed about games. Any suggestions? any likely problems with replacing chip with card? Pc has AMD athlon 64 3000 proc. 2.0 GHz Direct X 9.0c Win XP 512 mb RAM

  xania 12:54 11 Aug 2005

I wouldn't touch a PC with on-board graphics. If it goes wrong, it can be tricky. Remember that you will need to disable the on-board graphics in the BIOS before you will be able to use a new graphiocs card. Also check what graphics expansion slots you have. A pound to a penny, you don't have AGP or PCI Express, so you'll need to look out for a decent PCI card.

  garrema 13:39 11 Aug 2005

Try looking up a Radeon 9800 pro or a nvidia FX5900.
If you want a newer card look into whether you can find one of the 6800le from Nvidia - they may be a little rare now but are great vfm.

  iguana 14:12 11 Aug 2005

Ok so we're looking. 2 spare PCI slots. Wots AGP slot like, could it be the short dark red 1 below PCI's, if not looks like it will have to be PCI card. Motherboard is MSI K8TM-IL if thats any help. Obviously we made a poor choice of pc but budget was v. limited. Do we disable driver of chip, then disable on BIOS on restart - do we have to do anything else with BIOS eg enable anything. i am familiar with Win 98 not the XP of problem pc, is it much different?

  citadel 20:03 11 Aug 2005

save a bit more and get a 6600gt this is easily the best budget card and will play new games in high detail and supports the new shaders etc. The onboard graphics should auto disable when a agp card is put in the agp slot. If you do not play games any card will do.

  Joe R 20:11 11 Aug 2005


can you download this utility and run it, then post your mobo details.

click here

If there is no agp slot, you are going to be tied, to a Pci card, that will, be no better than the one you are already using.

  iguana 20:48 11 Aug 2005

I think I'm gonna hav to go with the PCI card. Problem is loadsa black and red pixels on LCD screen, ok on black or white screen but no good with any movement, and not fixed when reloading XP back to as new. Just wanna get a normal screen not going for improvement. Cannot download at present as am working on a different pc, the faulty one is my daughters.Sorry to be ignorant wots mobo stand for??

  Joe R 20:58 11 Aug 2005


motherboard. If we know the type, we can advise you on what type card to get.

  iguana 21:00 11 Aug 2005

yeah I just realised - sorry. MSI K8TM-IL .

  Joe R 21:22 11 Aug 2005


just had a look and, the little red one, you talk about is an, agp8x slot.

click here
If you can afford a couple of pounds extra, go for this, as citadel suggested earlier.

  iguana 21:37 11 Aug 2005

Thats terrific thanks a million :) We will purchase and hope fitting etc goes ok. Hav managed new HD and modem on this Pc so fingers crossed

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