Graphics card / RAM problem?

  _Matt_ 17:21 11 Jan 2009

Hi all,

I have a Dell Vostro 1700 which was bought in October 2007. About 4 months ago, while using the computer in Vista Aero, the frames around the windows looked odd as you can see from the first link below. This happened while I was on the laptop. I thought it would go away if I restarted but it didn't.

I can make them go away by switching to Vista Basic but that doesn't really fix the problem. You can see from the Counter Strike photo below that this also happens in games - in fact it's even worse.

click here

click here

I thought it may be the RAM but I'm not sure; I've heard that the G84 and G86 nVidia cards have been blighted with problems.

Possibly linked is the really high ping on Counter Strike. It was never that high before. I also think that the PC is much slower than before.

However, this link to Speedtest shows that my ping is lower (using that service).
click here

I've updated all drivers but it hasn't solved the problem. I also keep my virus and firewall software (avast! and Windows firewall) up to date. If anyone could shed some light or offer some advice I'd be most grateful.

Many thanks. Matt

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