graphics card quirk

  pete-290318 11:57 12 Apr 2003

not a problem, just a quirk with my graphics cards that I would like to know why it happens.
PC was a P3 850 with a voodoo3 3000 card and everything worked fine.
Put a Geforce2 MX 64meg card in and the game "spider" that is included in windows ran really slow.. sound effects worked fine but animations are about 3 secs behind sound. But if you connect to internet through a modem... it works fine !!
Then changed to a Radeon7000 dual head 64meg card and same effect but this time if you enable both monitors works fine but goes slow again when monitor 2 is disabled.
now I have upgraded to athlonXP2200 and same results with both cards.
Any explanations? but as I said ..not a problem ..just bugs me

  Paranoid Android 14:36 12 Apr 2003

Ghost in the machine ???


  DieSse 15:18 12 Apr 2003

Are you uninstalling all the old drivers before installing the new cards? - If you don't you will get strange graphics problems.

  pete-290318 19:58 12 Apr 2003

on fitting new m/b I reformatted and the only drivers on are the up to date drivers for the geforce.
It is probably something on the "spider" game cos all other games run great ...
I'm saving for a 128 mb card to update the 64mb and it will be interesting to see how it runs then. cheers

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